Welcome to the Podcast. The Sports Scouting Report with Lee Brecheen

The Podcast is an Audio Podcast, which will air Weekly for an Hour. The Podcast will dig deep into not only what occurs in Louisiana, but it also gives off a Regional appeal as well. Not only will we talk about Football, but we will talk about other sports as well including Basketball and Baseball. Just like our Magazine has been helping Parents and Kids for the last 25 years, this Podcast will do the same as Lee Brecheen will give Recruiting Advice to Parents as well as promote the Kids on the Podcast.

We have a lot of great Segments including our Archive Interview, which we will replay a lot of our interviews with great Players and Coaches in the past. We will have a Chalk Talk segment talking X’s and O’s with a Coach. Other segments include: Louisiana Native Update, Recruit Of The Week, Team Of The Week, Lee’s Travels, This Week In The NFL, At Bat Baseball Segment, On the Rebound Basketball Segment, College Sports Update, Hot Take Of The Week, Lee’s Mailbag, Hey Parents! Listen Up! Recruiting Advice, Game Picks, and more! We may even have some special guests that will stop by to talk with us!