Recruiting Spotlight: Jayden Hagger

(Featured photo taken by Michael Randy Mixon)

Jayden Hagger 

By Christina Bukowski

School: Tioga High School

Position: OT

Height: 6’2

Weight: 230lbs

Jayden Hagger, an offensive left tackle from Tioga High School, is entering his senior year with high expectations. Standing at 6’2” and weighing 230 pounds, Jayden reflects on his previous season as one of the best he has ever had.

Jayden has a deep appreciation for his coaches, stating, “I love my coaches; they are some of the best men I know, and they help me with everything on the field and off. I’m also in love with my position.” His strong relationship with his coaches and his passion for playing left tackle have been key to his success.

Photographer: Michael Randy Mixon

Outside of football, Jayden finds solace and strength in his faith. He attends church regularly to grow stronger in his relationship with his Lord. When it comes to his future, Jayden has his eyes set on LSU, a school he has grown up supporting across multiple sports including football, baseball, and softball. He aims to major in political science at LSU.

Jayden’s favorite professional football team is the San Francisco 49ers. As he looks forward to his senior year, his dedication to both his sport and his faith highlights his well-rounded character and determination to succeed both on and off the field.