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Louisiana Football Magazine South Preview Magazine Cover Photo Taken at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge (Property of LAFM)

2019 Louisiana Football Magazine’s 2nd Team All-South Louisiana Offensive & Defensive Team

2019 Louisiana Football Magazine’s 2nd Team All-South Louisiana Offensive & Defensive Team

by Lee Brecheen and Jace LeJeune

Louisiana Football Editor and Owner Lee Brecheen has scouted all of these guys from the 2015 season to now. Lee has seen these guys in person whether it was in games or in team practices. The opinions on these players below are only from Lee Brecheen not from any other recruiting site. This is the 2nd Team All-South Louisiana Offensive and Defensive Team. The 1st and 2nd All-South Louisiana team consists of senior players from the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles, St. Tammany, Tangi, Houma, and its Metro areas.

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Note: We will feature articles on the players that did not make the 2nd Team All-North and All-South Louisiana team that are either DII-AAD-IID-IIINAIA, or JUCO caliber over the next six months daily whether it would be one player or articles written on a group of players. There are also plenty of kids that did not make the list that will eventually sign with colleges when it is all said and done. These players were chosen because they are either great players that have had great careers or productive seasons before or players that are rated highly by Brecheen or by the coaches to have big time seasons in their senior years. We also ask any parents to send us any information on their kids including contact information, GPA, ACT scores, statistics, and more to Lee at lbrecheen@aol.com so we can have the information needed to write articles on the kids later on in the year.


Offensive Team:


Leonard Kelly

5-11, 185

Edna Karr High School

Edna Karr High School senior QB Leonard Kelly (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Like so many quarterbacks before him at Edna Karr High School, Leonard Kelly is the perfect quarterback for an athletic high school offense. He is close to 6-0, 190 pounds with great feet in the pocket, but at the same time, has a cannon arm, can run like a running back, and has a high football I.Q. What else do you need? If, I’m a small DI school or a big I-AA school, this guy would be the dream dual threat option to take.”

Bio: The dual threat quarterback threw for 2,931 yards and 37 touchdowns to only five interceptions while running for another 272 yards and a touchdown in 2018. As of right now, Leonard Kelly has received two offers from Nicholls State and Northwestern State.






Kyle Bartley

5-10, 185

Sam Houston High School

Sam Houston High School senior QB Kyle Bartley (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If Kyle Bartley was 6-1, he would be a DI quarterback. He’s got DI skills, but he doesn’t have to go to the football route because he is choosing baseball for right now. If he does get enough football offers, he may change his mind. He is in a good situation right now. I saw him play in a full game. He has an arm as good as anybody in the state outside of Ponchatoula High School quarterback and LSU commit TJ Finley. He has good feet in the pocket like Northwood Shreveport High School quarterback Luke Bogan. Overall, I am just a huge fan of this guy and his ability to extend plays.”

Bio: The Southeastern baseball commit made plenty of big plays with his football arm last fall with over 2,218 yards passing and 19 touchdown passes. This upcoming season, Kyle Bartley is looking to finish what he help started last season and make a playoff run. By doing so, Bartley has set his goals to throw for 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns.




Tyler Abshire

6-4, 200

Cecilia High School

Cecilia High School senior QB Tyler Abshire (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Tyler Abshire is perhaps the second tallest and most talented quarterback in the state behind TJ Finley. I have seen him play as a sophomore and he played well then. Last year, he played better, but I think he can make that next step this year. He has put on some weight and has gotten stronger. At 6-4, 200 pounds, look out because he may put some pressure on a DI team like ULL to pull an offer on him. If he can take the next step, he would be the talk of the whole Lafayette area.

Bio: In 2018, Tyler Abshire threw for 1,643 yards and 13 touchdowns while running for another 237 yards and two more touchdowns.






Hayes Fawcett

6-0, 180

Kinder High School

Kinder High School senior QB Hayes Fawcett (Photo provided by Hayes Fawcett)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I think Hayes Fawcett is the smartest quarterback in the state. This kid has been making other kids’ highlight tapes starting at the age of 12. He is like trying to tackle a hummingbird because he is so elusive and tough to tackle. He runs around a 4.65/40, but man, he is intelligent and athletic. Fawcett is a big reason why Kinder has a chance to get back to the state championship because he is the perfect high school quarterback. As far as college is concerned, at 6-0, 180 pounds with a good arm and high football I.Q., somebody just needs to take a chance on him. I think he can walk on at the I-AA level, but he is also that type of guy who wouldn’t shock me if he starts at the college level in the next couple of years.”

Bio: Last season, Hayes Fawcett threw for 1,195 yards and seven touchdowns while running the ball 110 times for 577 yards and 15 more touchdowns. His top schools are ULL, Northwestern State, Mississippi College, Louisiana Tech, and East Texas Baptist University. When looking at a school, Fawcett is looking for a place that will get him the best education and also a place that feels like home. In the offseason, likes to play baseball, hangout with friends, and play video games. An interesting fact about Fawcett is that he makes edits on Twitter for other high school recruits. His goals for the upcoming season are to be the best teammate that he could be and of course, win the state championship.  



Tyrese Martin

5-9, 175

Breaux Bridge High School

Breaux Bridge High School senior ATH Tyrese Martin (Photo courtesy of the Daily Advertister and provided by Tyrese Martin)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Tyrese Martin is a hidden gem that is super fast. Although he is not big, he is one of the biggest sleepers in the Lafayette area. I think he could play either at the DI or I-AA level.”

Bio: Tyrese Martin enters the season as a fourth year starter and one of the Tigers’ most veteran players. The 1st Team All-State and two time All-District linebacker’s goals for this season are to lead the team to a state championship.



Matthew Claiborne

5-11, 190

St. Helena College & Career Academy

St. Helena College & Career Academy senior ATH Matthew Claiborne (Photo provided by Matthew Claiborne)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Matthew Claiborne’s stats are pretty incredible. I don’t know if there is a player in Class 2A that does more than him. He has been a starter since his freshman year and has played multiple positions during that time. Matthew is definitely DI, but the question still remains who will offer him.”

Bio: Playing multiple positions, Matthew Claiborne accounted for over 1,800 yards and 18 touchdowns on offense while also returning two interceptions for touchdowns on defense. Claiborne’s top schools are Louisiana Tech, Kansas State, Memphis, Alabama, and ULM. As of right now, Claiborne has not made a decision of which college he wants to go to, but the Bulldogs really jump out to him.

“I like Louisiana Tech because they have shown me the most interest,” Claiborne said.

During the offseason, Claiborne likes working out, staying fit, and participating in sports. An interesting fact about him is that he is heavily involved in the arts. His goals for this season are to win the state championship while also having fun doing it.



Josh White

5-8, 160

St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School senior ATH Josh White (Photo provided by Josh White)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I love this kid. I watched him play a lot and I am going off of full game film as well as seeing him in person. If there is a better slot receiver in the New Orleans area, I would like to see who that would be. Now, Koy Moore (Archbishop Rummel/LSU commit) could play in the slot, but he is more of a true flanker than a slot receiver. I know his teammate Khi Mathieu (Memphis commit) is getting a lot of looks, but Josh is the best playmaker in their offense.”








Charles Harris

6-2, 210

Washington Marion High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Charles Harris is the most hidden gem of the Lake Charles area. It seems that Washington Marion always has guys that go under the radar every season. If you go through the history of the football program, there have been some great players come though such as Brandon Winey (LSU/Washington Redskins/New York Giants), Nate Livings (LSU/Cincinnati Bengals/Dallas Cowboys), and Eddie Kennison (LSU/NFL) to name a few. I think Charles will be up there with all those guys as he could play tight end, linebacker, or even safety. Right now, he is playing out of position for his team, but I love his potential. He can play at 6-2, 210 pounds with 4.5/40 speed. I don’t know where you would put him in college, but he is the definition of an old school football player.”


Darius Sawyer

5-9, 165

Leesville High School

Leesville High School senior ATH Darius Sawyer (Photo provided by Darius Sawyer)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If Darius Sawyer was on a team that does not have four DI running backs like Leesville has, he would be the biggest star on the team. Darius is fast as he can run a 4.39/40. He is not big, but he is in that Trindon Holliday (Northeast/LSU/Denver Broncos/Houston Texans) and Kevontae Turpin (Neville/TCU/XFL) category as far as explosive playmakers are concerned.”

Bio: Despite the deep running back rotation, Darius Sawyer just showed how explosive he was when does get a chance with the football in his hands in 2018. Last season, Sawyer had over 1,000 all-purpose yards and accounted for 15 total touchdowns including eight rushing touchdowns, six receiving touchdowns, and even one punt return for a touchdown. As of right now, Sawyer has no top schools, but he is still looking for a college to give him a shot.

“I just want to go to a school that gives me the opportunity to play,” Sawyer said. “I am looking for a team that is all about being together and putting work in relentlessly to become the best we can be.”

During the offseason, Sawyer spends his time working and earning money for himself so that he does not have to lean on anyone or depend on someone for material needs. His biggest goal this upcoming season is to be better than last season and lead the Wampus Cats to a state championship.


Davidyione Bias

6-1, 200

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic High School senior ATH Davidyione Bias (Photo provided by Davidyione Bias)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Davidyione Bias is a stud athlete. I like to see him dominate more because when he gets off the bus, he looks like a DI running back or safety. He is big at 6-1, 200 pounds and for that reason, I don’t know where to put him. However, I would say outside linebacker because he will be 220 pounds with 4.55/40 speed. Davidyione would need a big senior year, but if he does, it will amaze me if he does not get a DI offer.”

Bio: In only 188 carries last season, Davidyione Bias ran for 832 yards and 11 touchdowns. He would like to build on a strong junior season with an even better senior season. Right now, his top schools are McNeese State, Southern Miss, ULL, and Southern to name a few.

“Right now, I can’t say there’s any particular school I’m leaning towards to, but some things I’m looking forward to when I’m picking a school is a comfortable vibe,” Bias said. “I also want to feel like family and have a great bond with players and coaches so I can feel right at home.”

When not playing football, Bias likes playing basketball and spending time with family. For this season, Bias wants to maintain he grades off the field and grow even more as a person throughout the year. On the gridiron, his main goal is to win a state championship and most importantly, improve as a player in every game.


Obadiah Butler

5-8, 170

Crowley High School

Crowley High School senior ATH Obadiah Butler (Photo provided by Obadiah Butler)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Obadiah Butler is fast. Crowley has an underrated team that has a lot of talent. I don’t know who would win the 40 yard dash between four of their guys. He is a lot like Tyrese Martin because he looks 4.4/40 when he runs the ball. He is the team’s best playmaker and if I’m a I-AA school, I would be begging to sign a guy like him. He’s got DI difference making speed.”

Bio: Despite his big time speed, Obadiah Butler has received only one offer from Louisiana College. During the offseason, Butler likes working out and hanging out with his friends. He also runs track in order to work on his hurdling form. After accounting for over 1,800 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2018, the explosive Crowley High School playmaker has big goals in mind for the 2019 season as his goals are to get over 1,000 yards receiving and over 1,000 yards rushing along with 25 to 30 touchdowns. Finally, he also wants to get at least one DI offer by season’s end.




Zy Alexander

6-3, 175

Loreauville High School

Loreauville High School senior ATH Zy Alexander (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If Zy Alexander does not miss last season, he would be getting a lot more attention this season. Loreauville is a town with under 3,000 people, but it has been a great program that produced a lot of great players over the years. Watching him play his sophomore season, I thought to myself that he would be one of the best players ever to come out of the program. Zy may be the most underrated DI player in Louisiana. Now, everybody is trying to see what he could do. He is a little heavier this year and will be 200 pounds in college. Zy is going to be a wide receiver in college and is built like a Rueben Randle (Bastrop/LSU/New York Giants) or a Terrace Marshall Jr. (Parkway/LSU). He is a very intriguing player and if he has a great senior year, I would not be surprised if a coach like Dan Mullen picks him up and moves him to a position where he could be successful kind of like when he moved Cameron Dantzler to cornerback coming out of St. Thomas Aquinas. Now, Dantzler is a NFL draft prospect at Mississippi State.”

Bio: After suffering a season ending injury before the season even really got started in 2018, Zy Alexander is ready to show why he is rated so high by Lee Brecheen. According to Alexander, suffering a season ending injury actually made him tougher mentally than ever before.

“I dealt with a collarbone injury that really toughened my mental game and boosted my ambition to a different level that I have never been to,” Alexander said. “I can’t wait to show everyone what I offer. I have a lot of people depending on me this year and I can’t let them down.”

As of right now, his top schools are Southeastern and Northwestern State.

“I don’t care what’s the name of the school or how big it is,” Alexander said. “I’m looking to see where I can play at, the relationship that I build with the coaching staff, and what schools also put me in the best situation to get me to the next level.”

When not playing football, he likes watching highlights of other players on YouTube or on Twitter. His biggest goal for this season is to lead the team to a winning record.


Montaze Sam

6-0, 200

Northwest High School

Northwest High School senior ATH Montaze Sam (Photo provided by Montaze Sam)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “First of all, Northwest is one of the most underrated football programs in the state that nobody talks about and they have a lot of underrated players including Montaze Sam. If you look at this kid’s stats, it is ridiculous. He is a phenomenal athlete that needs to play either DI or I-AA. If he goes I-AA, he would play either defensive end or fullback. If he goes DI, he would play middle linebacker as I think he can grow to about 6-2, 225 pounds with 4.65/40 speed already. Now, he is playing quarterback for the team because that’s where the team needs him to play.”

Bio: At quarterback last season, Montaze Sam ran for 1,560 yards and 21 touchdowns, but he also threw for 1,430 yards and 20 more touchdowns along with just two interceptions. As of right now, the Northwest High School dual threat quarterback has no top schools right now. During the offseason, Sam likes to spend his free time hunting. His goals for the season are to make All-State and win the state championship.


Errol Rogers Jr.

5-11, 190

Lafayette Christian Academy

Lafayette Christian Academy senior ATH Errol Rogers Jr. (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Errol Rogers has explosive 4.5/40 speed. I watched this kid grow now at 5-11, 190 pounds. At one point, he was like 5-9, 160 pounds. I think he will continue to grow and become a safety in college. He is a physical kid that could play at the DI level. Rogers plays for a team that has eight other players that could also play at the DI level. With that talent, there has been no coincidence why the Knights were able to win two of the last three Division IV state championships.”

Bio: After the completion of his high school career, Errol Rogers Jr. will not move far as he has committed to play for the ULL Ragin’ Cajuns.

“I picked UL because they made it like home for me even though I live like five minutes away, and I just love what Coach Napier is doing over there,” Rogers said.

When not playing football, Rogers can be seen either hanging out with his girlfriend or his friends. He used to play video games a lot but he doesn’t really play them anymore. He says that he gets too competitive and mad at the game so he works out instead. When working out, he is either watching football on YouTube or watching Oprah on the side.

Last season, Rogers had 25 receptions for 546 yards and nine touchdowns as a wide receiver. As a passer, Rogers completed six of 13 passes for 153 yards and five touchdowns. After the graduation of star quarterback Zachary Clement (Northwestern State), Rogers will get his chance to throw the football plenty of more times as he will take over the starting quarterback duties.

His goals for this season are to win not only one, but two more state championships in football and basketball.


D’Andre Gaudia

6-0, 175

West St. John High School

West St. John High School senior ATH D’Andre Gaudia (Photo provided by D’Andre Gaudia)

Lee’s Scouting Report: D’Andre Gaudia is a phenomenal player. One time, I went to a game on Thursday night to watch Southern Lab play West St. John. Well, West St. John’s starting quarterback was a freshman in D’Andre Gaudia. Unfortunately, he had to play against a Southern Lab defense, which included Chris Allen (Alabama), Shannon Foreman (Arizona State), and Damone Clark (LSU). During the game, Gaudia takes one of the biggest hits that I had ever seen and he was down on the field for a long time. Everybody was getting worried and when he got up, it seemed that it did not affect him as much. He just missed a couple of plays and came right back in the game during the second half. That just shows you how tough he is. He is not only a tough kid, but he also runs a legit 4.4/40. D’Andre is the best athlete on the team and there are a lot of good ones. I think he can be a big time wide receiver/cornerback in college. It puzzles me why he is not ranked high at 5-10, 175 pounds with 4.4/40 speed. If I was a DI school like Tulane or ULL, I would be all over him.”

Bio: Last season, D’Andre Gaudia threw for 1,700 yards and 12 touchdowns while rushing for 300 more yards.


Tyrese Rousell

5-8, 165

Bogalusa High School

Bogalusa High School senior ATH Tyrese Rousell (Photo provided by Tyrese Rousell)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Tyrese Rousell is a big time player. The team does not have a lot of depth, but the coaching staff does a great job considering they have just enough to put 22 guys on the field. If Tyrese played for a bigger school like Covington, we would be talking about him more as he is an explosive playmaker with 4.4/40 speed. I think he can either be a I-AA or D-II steal with DI speed.”








Mikell Marco

6-1, 190

Salmen High School

Salmen High School senior ATH Mikell Marco (Photo courtesy of Bobby Gilboy from Nola.com and provided by Mikell Marco)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Salmen has a reputation for signees that develop late, but end up being great players at the next level. For example, Eddie Smith (Salmen/Alabama) played wide receiver/safety in high school, but Nick Saban knew that he was a corner and put him there at Alabama. Like Smith, Mikell Marco can play anywhere whether it is free safety, strong safety, and even grow into an outside linebacker. The program doesn’t have the numbers like they used to when they were winning state championships in the 1990’s. Still, they are known for having tough kids to this day. Marco could be a big time player at 6-1, 185 pounds with 4.5/40 speed.”

Bio: Currently, Mikell Marco has no offers, but he does know what he is looking for when choosing a team.

“I am looking for their strength and conditioning program as well as how well they treat their players,” Marco said.

During the offseason, Marco likes sleeping and eating. His biggest goal for the season is to win the state championship.










Aubrey Womack

6-2, 190

Walker High School

Walker High School senior ATH Aubrey Womack (Photo courtesy of the Livingston Parish News and provided by Aubrey Womack)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I saw Aubrey Womack play last season at Lakeshore High School. He has the IT factor and even played wildcat quarterback. At 6-2, 185 pounds, he really has a 6-6 wingspan and is tough. Aubrey will play wide receiver and free safety at Walker High School. The reason for transferring is because his father is now on the Walker High School football staff. He might be the biggest free safety prospect in the state and will be 200 pounds down the road. If he was 210 pounds, he would be getting looks from LSU. It is a huge loss for Lakeshore as I believe he could have helped make the Titans a state championship contender once again.”




Tre’ Harris

6-3, 190

Comeaux High School

Comeaux High School senior ATH Tre’ Harris (Photo provided by Tre’ Harris and courtesy of James Mays from the Daily Advertiser)

Lee’s Scouting Report:Tre’ Harris looks the part at 6-3, 210 pounds. If he keeps growing, he will play linebacker. As of now, he is committed to the ULL Ragin’ Cajuns and is projected to sign as a safety. The SEC is not the only conference with big receivers and safeties as the Sun Belt has its share as well. Tre’ fits that mold, and he runs well for his size with 4.59/40 speed. I want to see him dominate more. Playing quarterback won’t really show what he can do as a safety, but Ragin’ Cajun fans will find out once he gets on campus.”




Devonta Grogan

6-2, 185

Morgan City High School

Morgan City High School senior ATH Devonta Grogan (Photo provided by Devonta Grogan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Morgan City plays their hearts out, but the team just lacks talent and depth. That area has talent like most recently, Berwick High School with the likes of Kenan Jones and Patterson High School. Right now, Morgan City has the least amount of talent between the three schools, but it does not mean there is no talent on the team. Devonta Grogan can really play and potentially could be a DI cornerback at 6-2, 185 pounds.”

Bio: As of right now, Devonta Grogan’s top school is ULL. Even though the Ragin’ Cajuns have not offered the star Morgan City athlete, he still feels that school is his home. During the offseason, Morgan likes playing basketball and running track. He also likes to let loose and joke around with his friends. His goals for this season are to score more than ten touchdowns and to just give it his all in every game.


Taegan Bourque

6-3, 175

New Iberia High School

New Iberia High School senior ATH Taegan Bourque (Photo courtesy of the Daily Advertiser and provided by Taegan Bourque)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “What’s interesting for Taegan Bourque is that Coach Curt Ware is coming in from Rayne High School and they like to run the option. I think it is a phenomenal fit because he has more talent at New Iberia than he had at Rayne High School and they were hard to stop at Rayne. He is a big time DI option quarterback. If he runs the way Coach Ware wants him to run it, schools that still run the triple option like Georgia Southern will be all over him. He is a big guy that can run at 6-3, 175 pounds. This offense could be a problem at the Class 5A level because teams are not used to running it at that level outside of John Curtis. There may be some magic this year for the Yellow Jackets.”


Nick Carriere

5-11, 180

Catholic High School (Pointe Coupee)

Catholic Pointe Coupee High School senior ATH Nick Carriere (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I think Nick Carriere is the best athlete that I have seen play in over 20 years play at the school. I can’t really talk about the Jim Hightower and Dale Weiner days back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, but I can speak from the 1990’s to now. I watched Nick pick off two passes in a scrimmage against Dunham High School and almost score twice. He just knows where to be and is an instinctive football player with 4.55/40 speed. He also has a good frame at 5-11, 180 pounds. He and sophomore Matthew Langlois make up a great duo. Coach David Simoneaux really has himself a team that could make a state championship run this season.”

Bio: As the younger brother of former star quarterback Nate Carriere, Nick Carriere showed that what his older brother could do, he could do just as good or better with Last season, he accounted for over 1,000 yards and seven touchdowns on offense while also having over 118 tackles his sophomore season as well. Despite his versatility, Carriere has no top schools as of now. What he is looking for is somewhere he could have an opportunity to play sports and pursue his major, which is architecture. Besides football, Nick Carriere plays multiple sports including baseball, basketball, and even some golf occasionally. His goals for this season are to make a deep run in the playoffs as well as try to get to the Dome.


Dillan Monette

5-7, 165

Acadiana High School

Acadiana High School senior ATH Dillan Monette (Photo provided by Dillan Monette)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Dillan Monette is fast. If you sign a guy just for speed, I would take him. Not only is he fast, but he is also really tough.”

Bio: Dillan Monette made Acadiana’s rushing attack even more dangerous with over 1,500 yards rushing in 2018.








Trey Henry

6-2, 180

Catholic High School (New Iberia)

Catholic New Iberia High School senior ATH Trey Henry (Photo provided by Trey Henry)

Lee’s Scouting Report:Trey Henry is a monster. He is a jumbo athlete at 6-2, 200 pounds and he is mean too. Trey is a guy that could play pretty much anywhere on the football field. ULL commit Trey Amos and Trey Henry make a great one two punch for the Panthers.”









Taylun Druilhet

6-1, 195

West St. Mary High School

West St. Mary High School senior ATH Taylun Druilhet (Photo provided by Taylun Druilhet)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Taylun Druilhet is a super athlete. I am frustrated with college recruiters because they go to the more known schools and will skip on a school like West St. Mary’s that has a talent like Druilhet, who could play anywhere. I think he is SEC good and has some size on him already at 6-1, 195 pounds. He plays quarterback for the team, but he could play wide receiver, safety or cornerback.”

Bio: As the quarterback for the Wolfpack, Taylun Druilhet threw for 1,609 yards, ran for 301 yards, and accounted for 18 total touchdowns in 2018. His top schools are Southeastern, ULL, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech. Even though Lee Brecheen loves him as an athlete, Druilhet wants to play at the next level as a quarterback.

“I am not leaning towards a specific school, but the thing that I am looking for in any school is that they understand I only want to play quarterback,” Druilhet said.

When not playing football, Druilhet likes working out, drawing, and taking care of his dog.


Cooper Hext

5-11, 160

DeQuincy High School

DeQuincy High school senior ATH Cooper Hext (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Cooper Hext is not 6-3, 220 pounds nor he is going to run a 4.4/40, but there may not be a better unknown playmaker in the state than him. Cooper makes plays happen and has that IT factor you can’t coach. If you sign a guy because of heart, high effort, and a high football I.Q., you take Cooper. He might end up going D-II or D-III, but he will be a superstar or he could also walk on I-AA and end up being a good player at that level.”

Bio: Last season, the DeQuincy Tigers had one of its most successful seasons winning seven games including two playoff games in order to advance to the Class 2A Quarterfinals. A major reason for the Tigers’ breakout season was from its District Offensive MVP Cooper Hext. Last season, Hext led the Tigers to their deep playoff run with an incredible 1,997 all-purpose yards and 22 total touchdowns.





Samuel Kenerson

5-10, 175

Central High School (Baton Rouge)

Central High School senior ATH Samuel Kenerson (Photo provided by Samuel Kenerson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Samuel Kenerson is similar to Leonard Kelly (Edna Karr). The only difference is that Kenerson doesn’t have the players around him like Kelly does. Also, Kenerson may be the better runner of the two while Kelly may be the better passer of the two. However, if you look at how they are built, and the way they run around, they are both similar. They are clones of each other and both are great athletes. I don’t know if Samuel Kenerson will play quarterback in college, but he can definitely play wide receiver or cornerback at the very least.”

Bio: Last season, Samuel Kenerson threw for 1,500 yards and 11 touchdowns while rushing for 800 more yards and eight more touchdowns. The veteran Central dual threat quarterback has committed to play for South Alabama.

“I feel like their program fits me and I feel like I could pursue my career as a cornerback,” Kenerson said. “South Alabama feels like home and I can’t wait to help change the culture over there and get that program going.”

When Kenerson is not playing football, he is more than likely playing baseball where he helped lead the team to back to back state championships. His goals for this season are to win as many games as possible and go deep in the playoffs.


Braelen Morgan

5-8, 155

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge) senior ATH Braelen Morgan (1) (Photo provided by Braelen Morgan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Forget the fact that Braelen Morgan is only 5-8, 155 pounds. Just watch this kid play the game. Braelen is incredible in open space. He can cut, move, explode in open space as good as anybody in the state. He will be one of the major keys if Catholic High is going to win the state championship this year even with all of that running back depth. He is the guy that can do everything especially returning kicks and punts.”

Bio: Last season, Braelen Morgan burst onto the scene for the Catholic High Bears with 1,344 all-purpose yards and 15 touchdowns. As of right now, his top schools are LSU, Houston, ULL, Nicholls State, McNeese State, and SMU.

“I’m not leaning anywhere yet,” Morgan said. “My decision is still open when it comes to deciding on a school that I am looking for. I am looking for a school that fits me academically and athletically. I want to play all four years, graduate, and hopefully, continue my dreams of going into the NFL.”

When not playing football, Morgan can be seen either doing homework or getting his body ready for the season. His goals for the upcoming season are to take nothing for granted, trust the process, believe in my teammates, be the best person I could be, and also win another state championship.



Caleb Kibodi

6-1, 210

Parkview Baptist High School

Parkview Baptist High School senior RB Caleb Kibodi (Photo provided by Caleb Kibodi)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Caleb Kibodi is the biggest game changing transfer in the Baton Rouge area. If Kibodi goes to Woodlawn and follows his former Coach Marcus Randall, then, they would win more games this season. He goes to Parkview Baptist where he is going to play for first year Head Coach Stefan Lefours. They are going to throw a lot, but it would not shock me if Kibodi has over 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. Then, everybody is going to know who he is. He was a great player at Church Academy and is still a stud. His brother Jacob Kibodi is currently playing for Texas A&M, and I think Caleb is even better than him.”

Bio: In only four games at Church Academy, Caleb Kibodi ran for 400 yards and two touchdowns on offense while making 35 tackles and causing one fumble on defense in 2018. When choosing a school, Kibodi is looking for a family atmosphere. He likes working out and hanging out with family and friends. His goal for the upcoming season is to help his team win anyway he can and hopefully, that will be enough to lead his team to the Dome.




Jeremy Benoit

6-0, 195

Eleanor McMain High School

Eleanor McMain High School senior RB Jeremy Benoit (Photo provided by Jeremy Benoit)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Everybody talks about John Curtis, Landry Walker, Edna Karr, St. Augustine, Brother Martin, Rummel, John Ehret, etc., but they never talk about McMain. They have some talented players too and Jeremy Benoit can really play. He is a legit running back that has 4.45/40 speed at 6-0, 195 pounds. Hopefully, schools like Tulane and Southern Miss will look at him a little more.”

Bio: Last season, Jeremy Benoit had 157 carries for 966 rushing yards and eight touchdowns. His top schools are Tulane, Louisiana Tech, and LSU. When not playing football, Benoit can be seen studying the game as he likes to watch some of the best running backs in NFL history play on YouTube. His goals for this season are to finish with 2,500 rushing yards and 20 touchdowns.


Mahmood Bailey

5-10, 210

St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School senior RB Mahmood Bailey (Photo provided by Mahmood Bailey)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Mahmood Bailey is a thumper and likes to take on defenders when he runs the football. He has a great combination of both power and speed. This is a guy that I do not want to take on in the open field because he can run through you and run past you. I think he is a DI running back. Now, St. Augustine just received another DI running back in Corey Crum and they got other talented running backs so the good thing is that he does not have to do it all for the team. The bad news is that the recruiters won’t see his stats, but they should judge the potential and what he brings to the table because the team does not need him to run the football on every down.”



Zahn Diaz

5-10, 210

Mandeville High School

Mandeville High School senior RB Zahn Diaz (Photo provided by Zahn Diaz and courtesy of Joe Trombatore Photography)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Mandeville will be much improved this season because of Zahn Diaz. They also have a stud center and wide receiver as well as a talented young defense, but Zahn is big time. I am not just blowing smoke, but this guy is similar to Mahmood Bailey at St. Augustine. I think he is a DI back. The Skippers had some good players before like Michael Mauti (Penn State/New Orleans Saints/Minnesota Vikings), Cody and Parker Orgeron (McNeese State), and Joseph Bulovas (Alabama), but over the years, they also had many under the radar kids like Zahn come out. He may be the biggest sleeper recruit that they have had in over a decade. I am interesting to see what he does in his senior year off a great junior year.”

Bio: Last season, Zahn Diaz led the Mandeville Skippers in rushing with 907 yards on 104 carries. Right now, Diaz is open to any schools that would like to give him a chance to play. During the offseason, Diaz focuses on the previous football season so he could see what his disadvantages are and improve on those disadvantages for the upcoming season.


Marvion Young

5-11, 210

Opelousas High School

Opelousas High School senior RB Marvion Young (Photo provided by Marvion Young and courtesy of the Daily Advertiser)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Marvion Young is a part of an incredible backfield at Opelousas High School and is a speedy guy. His older brother Marlon Young (Opelousas/Georgia State/Southern) was the complete opposite as he was a big, strong guy. I still think he is going to be a difference maker at Southern and become an All-SWAC type of guy. You would think they would sign the younger brother as well. This guy can run a 4.5/40 all day at 5-11, 210 pounds. If Southern can sign Marvion as well, they could have a pretty good backfield with Travien Benjamin (St. Martinville), who already signed with them.”

Bio: Like his older brother, Marvion Young has set his mark at Opelousas High School. In his sophomore season, Young touched the ball 107 times for 1,178 yards and 17 touchdowns. Last season, on only 45 carries, Young still managed to run for 464 yards and 12 touchdowns. His top schools are Southern and Arkansas State.

“The main thing that I am looking for when picking a school is the learning environment and how it could help further my education,” Young said.

When not playing football, he likes participating in other sports. An interesting fact about him is that he loves to sing even though he admits that he might not have the best singing voice. His goals for the season are to be district champs, take his team into a deep playoff run, and show other college coaches that he can play at the next level.


Torrell Levias

6-0, 210

Lake Arthur High School

Lake Arthur High School senior RB Torrell Levias (Photo provided by Torrell Levias)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “This is a guy that people will ask about, but watching him on full game film as a sophomore, he looked like John Emery Jr. (Destrehan/LSU) to me. The last time I saw a great running back from that area was Travis Etienne (Jennings/Clemson). I went to see Travis play as a sophomore and thought that he was the best player to ever come out then. Well, Torrell Levias is deserving of this recognition and I actually regret that I did not put him on the 1st Team. Torrell is 6-0, 21o pounds and if he played at a bigger school, he would be an All-American. If you watch him on film, he can run, accelerate, and cut with the best of them. He is deceptively fast, but he’s got the IT factor. I have never seen a DI player come out of Lake Arthur, but he is the greatest thing that I have ever seen over there.”

Bio: After a junior season in which he racked up over 1,000 yards of offense and 18 touchdowns, Torrell Levias is looking for colleges to take a chance on him. His top schools are Millsaps College, Northwestern State, ULL, and CMP Prep Academy.

Millsaps would be a school I’m leaning towards and the reason why is because they are about the people of their school, environment, and community,” Levias said. “They make you feel like as if you were right at him and you are guaranteed to graduate from the school as a successful student, person, and even with a successful mindset in business as well as in life.”

Levias likes to spend his off time by working on things that help him physically and mentally whether it is working hard in the weight room, on the field during drills, or in an indoor facility. His goals for this season are to reach over 2,000 yards, 25 touchdowns, make 1st Team All-State, and make it past the first round of the playoffs.


Luke Doucet

5-9, 205

Iota High School

Iota High School senior RB Luke Doucet (Photo provided by Luke Doucet)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Luke Doucet is a passionate kid. I saw him on film and he is a strong runner at 5-9, 205 pounds, but he is the toughest player on the team. This season, he is their best recruit so for Iota to have another standout season, they would need Luke. If he was to get hurt, they would still be a good team, but they are not the same without him. He is a guy that can carry an offense. If he goes to the right school and the right offense, he could be a I-AA star. If he is given a chance to play at the DI level, then, he could be a Jacob Hester (Evangel Christian Academy/LSU/San Diego Chargers/Denver Broncos) type player. Luke is built like a fullback, but he has running back speed. Actually, if we were to put 100 players on the cover, he would definitely be one of them.”

Bio: What a year it was for the bruising running back from Iota High School in 2018. Luke Doucet ran the ball 244 times for 1,896 yards and 26 touchdowns while making 1st Team All-State, All-Acadiana, All-Parish, All-District, All-District Offensive MVP, and All-Southwest Louisiana Big Schools Offensive MVP. Not to mention, he helped lead the Bulldogs to an undefeated regular season for the first time since 2000. Iota’s offensive star has received offers from Louisiana College and Arkansas Monticello, but he is also being contacted by schools such as McNeese State, Southeastern, ULL, Mississippi College, Arkansas State, and Nicholls State.

“Naturally, I am leaning towards the school that provides the best offer, but I also want to be apart of a competitive program and university that provides a great environment,” Doucet said. “I really want to play in-state, but I’m willing go out of state depending on the offer.”

When not playing football, Doucet just likes hanging out with friends, playing Xbox, and hanging out with his dog Zeus. He also like watching documentaries on Netflix and welding. His goals for this season are to help his team finish the season undefeated, become back to back District champs, bring another state championship back home to Iota, and set an example for the underclassman as well as become a better leader on and off the football field, especially for his brother who will begin his freshman year on the football team.


Orenthal Lewis

5-10, 230

Lake Charles College Prep

Lake Charles College Prep senior RB Orenthal Lewis (Photo provided by Orenthal Lewis)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Orenthal Lewis has the feet of a running back, but the build of a fullback. He is a sledgehammer when running the football. When you look at him, you think he is a fullback until you see what kind of speed that he has. McNeese State would love to have this kid as he is a guy that is 5-10, 230 pounds and can really move for his size.”

Bio: Last season, Orenthal Lewis helped lead the Trailblazers to an incredible 11-2 record and Class 3A Quarterfinals appearance with 80 carries for 951 yards and 14 touchdowns. It seemed that everytime he touched the football, it was going to be a big play. Lewis also was named 1st Team All-District, District MVP, LSWA All-State Honorable Mention, and LFCA All-State running back. Right now, Lewis is not leaning towards any particular school.

What I look for in a school is first and foremost the education,” Lewis said. “Football doesn’t last forever, but your education does. Secondly, I look at the head coach and his staff to see if what they do is the right fit for me. The last thing that I look for in a college is the culture.”

When not playing football, Lewis loves spending time with family. His goals for the season are to lead the team to not only a district championship, but a state championship as well. 


D’Ante Gallashaw

5-9, 180

Leesville High School

Leesville High School senior RB D’Ante Gallashaw (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “D’Ante Gallashaw is part of a phenomenal running back rotation at Leesville High School. I think D’Ante can be a SEC athlete, and the team already has two other big time running backs to hand the football off to. If I was Coach Robert Causey, I would be happy about their backfield situation. Each one brings a little something to the table. One brings power, and the other brings speed, but D’Ante is the every down back that brings a little bit of both. He is a DI running back, but the question will be where he ends up.”

Bio: Last season, D’Ante Gallashaw continued the strong running back tradition at Leesville High School by rushing for 1,490 yards and eight touchdowns. His top schools are Louisiana College, Northwestern State, Tulane, Nicholls State, and Louisiana Tech.

“My top school would be Louisiana College because they are showing the most interest and have been supporting me for a while during the offseason,” Gallashaw said. “Also, Northwestern State has been showing me interest. I think those are the schools that would give me opportunities to thrive as an athlete on and off the field.”

During the offseason, Gallashaw likes participating in extracurricular sports like track and powerlifting in order to improve his performance for the upcoming seasons. Most of the time, he trains with his Dad, who is his personal trainer. An interesting fact about the senior Leesville running back is that he also works in a facility where he assist and serves food to children with mental disabilities. His goals for the season are to work harder than last season, rush for 2,000 yards, become a better leader, make it the Dome, and win the state championship.


Jordan Bailey

5-11, 205

Livonia High School

Livonia High School senior RB Jordan Bailey (Photo provided by April Pitre photography)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Jordan Bailey actually started his career at Broadmoor High School. Jordan bounced back and forth between the two schools, but goes back to Livonia High School last season. He looks like a DI running back and he also has both power and speed to go along with it. Again, he could be a I-AA steal. I think he is the best running back to come out of there since Patrick Queen, who now plays linebacker for LSU.”

Bio: Jordan Bailey made 1st Team All-District in 2018. As of right now, his top schools are Oregon, Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU, Southern, and Millsaps. He is looking for a school with a good mechanical engineering program. In the offseason, Bailey likes to take care of his family as well as improve on his craft for the upcoming season. His goals for this season are to get 2,500 all-purpose yards and win a state championship with his teammates.



Joshua Parker

5-9, 185

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge) senior RB Joshua Parker (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Nobody gets more out of his ability than Joshua Parker. If you hand time or measure him, he does not impress you, but if you give him the football during a game, he knows what to do with it. He racks up stats and is a dependable ball carrier. The best thing about Joshua is that he does not have to be their only ball carrier this season as it seems like they have six other ones they can rely on so he will not be overused. I think he will be a I-AA starting running back when it is all said and done.”

Bio: In 2018, Joshua Parker ran for 1,124 yards and 16 touchdowns.







Deon Jenkins

5-8, 185

Central Lafourche High School

Central Lafourche High School senior RB Deon Jenkins (Photo provided by Deon Jenkins)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Deon Jenkins is the best running back to come out of Central Lafourche in over 15 years. Along with the offensive line, Deon is going to carry this team on his back this season. In a tough schedule last season, he put up some crazy stats against good competition. Deon may only have 4.6/40 speed at 5-8, 185 pounds, but he hits the hole quickly and knows where to run the ball. His vision and quickness are off the charts and reminds me of a poor man’s version of Emmitt Smith (Florida/Dallas Cowboys/Arizona Cardinals). Like Joshua Parker (Catholic High), he gets the most out of his ability. Now, his grades are going to be close, but he could also go JUCO and be a great player there. Then, he could go back and enroll like at a Nicholls State and play. He is definitely a I-AA type back.”

Bio: In 2018, Deon Jenkins led the Trojans in rushing with 1,747 yards and 17 touchdowns.






Brian Hibbard

6-1, 225

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

Catholic High School senior FB Brian Hibbard (Photo provided by Brian Hibbard)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Catholic High School is loaded with talent. When you are loaded with talent, you could take an offensive lineman and put him at fullback. The cool thing about this is that Brian Hibbard is actually a starting offensive lineman so don’t get caught up in the 6-1, 225 pound offensive lineman, but get caught up in the 6-1, 225 pound fullback that can run. He is similar to Tory Carter (LSU). Rice has got themselves a steal.”

Bio: In 2018, Brian Hibbard really stood out amongst his peers by getting 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-Metro, and 1st Team All-District honors. Like mentioned before, Hibbard is committed to play at Rice. In the offseason, Hibbard wrestles for Catholic High School, works out, and spends time with family. An interesting fact about Hibbard is that he is also a great guitar player. His goals for the upcoming season are to win a lot of games, learn from the team’s mistakes, and most importantly, grow together as men.




Treylon Bennett

5-11, 225

Patterson High School

Patterson High School senior FB Treylon Bennett (Photo provided by Treylon Bennett)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Treylon Bennett looks like a fullback and has great feet. Treylon is not just some bruising blocker, but he also can play linebacker that can run a 4.69/40. Coach Don Jones is going to use him plenty on both offense and defense. Right now, they are not big on numbers so you pretty much have to watch film on Treylon during the whole game. What impresses me the most about him is that he does not get tired. He is just a gamer that is in great shape. If I am a I-AA school, I would sign him as an athlete.”








Caleb Anderson

6-2, 190

East Feliciana High School

East Feliciana High School senior WR Caleb Anderson (Photo provided by Caleb Anderson and courtesy of Nathaniel Bell photography)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “It’s a shame that we might be the only ones talking about Caleb Anderson. Besides Kendell Beckwith (LSU/Tampa Bay Buccaneers), there have been a lot of sleepers to go through East Feliciana including Caleb’s older brother Cedric Anderson Jr., who went on to sign with Northwestern State. Caleb is surrounded by fast, athletic players around him. Caleb is tall and I think could be a SEC wide receiver or even a free safety. Someone big late will come in and take him. I also believe that this is Coach Cedric Anderson Sr.’s most gifted son that he has had.”

Bio: In only eight games, Caleb Anderson threw for 1,234 yards and 12 touchdowns while also running for 795 more yards and 11 more touchdowns on offense. On defense, he had three tackles and two pass breakups while also being named 1st Team All-District athlete and 2nd Team All-District quarterback. As of right now, the multi talented East Feliciana High School athlete’s top schools are ULL, Utah, Virginia, and Louisiana Tech.

“I am looking for a school that has a winning culture and a great coaching staff that cares about you on and off the field,” Anderson said. “I want a coaching staff that wants to see me grow not only as an athlete, but also as a young man with a top education.”

During the offseason, Anderson can be seen either playing Madden, NBA 2K, or even training with Coach Anio of Fast 360. His goals for this season are to lead the team back to what East Feliciana was doing in the past and that is winning playoff games. His individual goals include being selected to the 2A All-State team and finish the season undefeated.


Marquis Garrett

6-3, 185

Crowley High School

Crowley High School senior WR Marquis Garrett (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Marquis Garrett’s dad Shane Garrett played at Texas A&M. I watched Shane play in high school and I can remember seeing Wesley Jacob because he was committed to LSU at the time, but Crowley also had Shane Garrett. I remember asking my dad why is one going to LSU and the other was going to Texas A&M because I was such an LSU fan. Can you believe Crowley had two recruits go to Power Five Conference schools on the same time? Shane Garrett was the fastest guy in the Acadiana area then and he went on to play not only at A&M, but in the NFL as well. Now, his son Marquis is even three times bigger than his dad was. He plays quarterback for Crowley, but he would play wide receiver for St. Thomas More. I think he is a superstar wide receiver or free safety. This guy is a SEC caliber player and should be a four star guy.”

Bio: In 2018, the second generation player accounted for 1,500 yards and 23 touchdowns. His top schools are Kansas State, Houston, Louisiana Tech, and Southern Miss. Right now, Marquis Garrett is not leaning towards a particular school, but is looking for a consistent coaching staff, the history of the major he will take and its success, and if it fits him academically. During the offseason, Garrett likes shopping, throwing the football with friends, and hanging out with the younger kids in his neighborhood. His goals for the season are to account for over 3,000 yards and 40 touchdowns. 


Jewell Holmes

6-0, 188

Warren Easton High School

Warren Easton High School senior WR Jewell Holmes (Photo provided by Jewell Holmes)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jewell Holmes is a fabulous athlete. I think people get caught up with schools like Warren Easton and Landry Walker have system guys that run in the spread offense. Well, there are those system guys and then, they are the playmakers. Jewell Holmes is a playmaker. He is Warren Easton’s best wide receiver since Tyron Johnson (LSU/Oklahoma State/Houston Texans), and I believe that Jewell is actually better than Tyron. The thing that Tyron struggled with in college is separating from defenders in man to man defense and he could not catch tightly defended passes. Jewell is the opposite. He loves to break man coverage and has great hands in traffic. Tyron caught a lot of passes at the line and took them for touchdowns. Jewell can get up and fight for the football. He is not as tall as Tyron, but to me, he, Koy Moore (Archbishop Rummel/LSU commit), and Cam Crowe (Ruston) are in a league of their own.”

Bio: After a season in which he helped the Warren Easton Fighting Eagles reach the Class 4A state championship game with 24 catches for 377 yards and seven touchdowns, Jewell Holmes has four current offers from Nicholls State, McNeese State, Alabama A&M, and Northwestern State.

“I’m looking for a school that I can build a bond with and better myself as a man and football player,” Holmes said. “I’m looking for a school that can help me academically more than other schools. I want to be a part of a family for the next four years.”

When not playing football, Holmes likes being with friends and mastering his craft for the upcoming season. An interesting fact about him is that he started playing football at three years old. Holmes has two goals for the season and they are to win the state championship as well as have an undefeated season.


Dartravien Girod

5-11, 175

Breaux Bridge High School

Breaux Bridge High School senior WR Dartravien Girod (Photo provided by Dartravien Girod)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Dartravien Girod is the best player to come out of Breaux Bridge since Jonathan Zenon (LSU), who picked off a pass against Tennessee to help win the SEC championship game in 2007.  I saw him play and he is very advanced as a football player in terms of his speed and quickness.”












Makholven Sonn

6-0, 175

Westgate High School

Westgate High School senior WR Makholven Sonn (Photo provided by Makholven Sonn)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Let me draw this out for you who have not been to a Westgate High School game. Combine all of Landry Walker and Edna Karr’s athletes and take their best four athletes. That is what you have at Westgate. If you are one of the top four athletes on Westgate’s team, then, you are DI. Last year, I thought Colorado State got a steal in Tyreese Jackson and this year, you have LSU commit/track star Kayshon Boutte. You also have Kansas State commit Makholven Sonn. He is also really fast in his own right. What two schools that can run 100 meters in 10.5 seconds.”





Markel August

6-1, 190

East St. John High School

East St. John High School senior WR Markel August (Photo provided by Markel August)

Lee’s Scouting Report: East St. John might have the most talented not talked about team in the state. They have several kids that could play DI football at the highest level. A lot of these guys are going to be under-recruited if they don’t advance far into the playoffs. They got as much talent as anybody in the state. Markel August is a big time player that can run, has great hands, and is tough. I love the guy and think he is a DI player.”







Steven McBride

6-2, 185

East Ascension High School

East Ascension High School senior WR Steven McBride (Photo provided by Steven McBride)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Steven McBride started his career at Assumption High School and then transferred to East Ascension. I saw him play against Lutcher last year and I remembered his name from his playing days at Assumption. Now, he has really grown to be a man at 6-2, 185 pounds. He has a 6-6 frame along with the long strides similar to a Rueben Randle (Bastrop/LSU/New York Giants). East Ascension also has five other 6-2 wide receivers, but he is one of the main reasons why they are a state championship caliber team this season.”

Bio: Last season, Steven McBride emerged as one of the top pass catchers for the East Ascension Spartans with 42 catches for 671 yards and seven touchdowns. His top schools are Louisiana Tech, Kansas, and ULM

“The school that I would be particularly leaning to is Louisiana Tech because the coaching staff and I really have a great relationship with each other,” McBride said. “We also communicate daily, I am one of their top guys in the recruiting process.”

When not playing football, McBride likes watching his film from last year, working out in the weight room, as well as working more on his technique, route running, and hands. Also, when he gets free time, he likes to go get some shots up on a basketball court or in the gym. His goals for this season are to first off, win a state championship, secondly, make All-State. and thirdly, break the all-time receiving records at his school.



Winston “Trey” Williams

6-2, 220

Jennings High School

Jennings High School senior TE Winston “Trey” Williams (Photo provided by Winston “Trey” Williams)

Lee’s Scouting Report: WinstonTrey” Williams is athletic, but is still filling out his weight. Trey is gifted and for not being a heavy kid, he is a good blocker. At 220 pounds, he blocks like he is 260 pounds. He is a former wideout that has soft hands when catching the football. He is one of those guys that will sign and in a year, will be 240 pounds.”

Bio: Last season, Winston “Trey” Williams was the top pass catcher for the Bulldogs offense receiving All-Parish honors with 21 receptions for 600 yards. His top schools are Houston, ULM, Rice, Southern, and West Point.

“I look for a great fit academically and athletically where I feel like I am at home with my family,” Williams said. “I am also looking for a good learning environment and a place where I can flourish as a person.”

When not playing football, people can find Williams on a tennis court playing tennis. He also likes reading, listening to music, playing putt putt golf, and hanging out with family and friends. Two interesting facts about the Jennings senior is that he has been playing piano since he was three years old. He has also traveled around the globe having been to 29 states and seven countries. His goals for the season are to get Academic All-State, and All-State honors as well as reach his goal of 1,000 yards receiving, 15 touchdowns, along with the ultimate goal of getting a state championship ring.


Keveionta Spears

6-5, 240

McKinley High School

McKinley High School senior TE Deveionta Spears (Photo provided by Deveionta Spears)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Keveionta Spears is an intriguing player. Last year was his first year playing and this year will make or break where ends up going. Right now, he is committed to play at Louisiana Tech. Obviously, he looks like a DI player. I just want to see him how he improves on catching the football as he may be more advanced as a blocker. If not, he could be a DI defensive end.”






Lamaj Kendrick

6-3, 230

De La Salle High School

De La Salle High School senior TE Lamaj Kendrick (Photo provided by Lamaj Kendrick)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Lamaj Kendrick is gifted and raw. Lamaj should have a great senior season. He is another under the radar DI guy. Once he figures it out, he is going to be a phenomenal player. I don’t know how good he will end up being, but he has a chance of becoming really good.”











Noah Fontenot

6-4, 215

Teurlings Catholic High School

Teurlings Catholic High School senior TE Noah Fontenot (Photo provided by Noah Fontenot)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Noah Fontenot was tall, skinny, and I would like to see what he does now he has some weight on him. Last season, he was 190 and now, he is around 215 pounds. Noah can be a guy that ULL gets on late. I think he is a great player and a great athlete overall. He is still growing and filling out.”



Spencer Jordan

6-3, 205

Lakeshore High School

Lakeshore High School senior TE Spencer Jordan (Photo provided by Spencer Jordan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “As a tight end, Spencer Jordan has the best hands in the state. He catches the football like a slot receiver and is tough to cover. If Spencer ran a 4.5/40, he would be a national recruit. He runs about a 4.7/40. However, he looks like he can run a 4.5/40 on the field. Spencer is definitely the best tight end in the St. Tammany/Tangi area and maybe one of the best in the state. He is built more like a Richard Dickson (LSU/Detroit Lions).

Bio: Last season, Spencer Jordan showed off his hands catching 27 passes for 527 yards and eight touchdowns for the Titans. His top schools are Northwestern State, South Alabama, and Southern Miss.

“I’m leaning more towards South Alabama because they have more opportunities when it comes to education and the campus is beautiful,” Jordan said.

When not playing football, Jordan can be seen either running track or playing guitar. His goals for the season are to go to state and win as well as double or even triple his stats from last year.


Logan Wilcox

6-3, 225

Central Lafourche High School

Central Lafourche High School senior TE Logan Wilcox (Photo provided by Logan Wilcox)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Logan Wilcox made the list because he has a great frame at 6-3, 225 pounds, and he is also an excellent blocker. Logan has a chance to be about 240-250 pounds once he gets to college. Just from a blocking perspective, he would be I-AA ready right now. If he improves as a receiver, he could be a DI player.”

Bio: Although more known for his blocking, Logan Wilcox has shown that he could be a reliable receiver with 19 catches for 220 yards and two touchdowns last season. As of right now, he has received no offers. During the offseason, Wilcox plays different sports while also going to a lot of football camps. His goals for this season are to get 300 yards and seven touchdowns.”




Coy Disher

6-3, 215

Loranger High School

Loranger High School senior TE Coy Disher (Photo provided by Coy Disher)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Coy Disher has been playing for four years. He is a big kid that Coach Sam Messina loves a lot, and this is a team that does not really throw a lot. However, when they do, Coy is very dangerous as a receiver. He is a hidden gem that has the ability to go DI.”









Jacob Junkins

6-4, 250

Oak Forest Academy

Oak Forest Academy senior TE Jacob Junkins (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report:  “In person, Jacob Junkins is all of 6-4, 250 pounds. He is built like an offensive lineman, but if he does not gain any more weight, he is perfect as a DI tight end. If he does gain more weight, we will move to play on the offensive line. He could be a sleeper DI offensive guard, but personally, I want to see him stay at that weight and continue to play tight end.”

Bio: Last season, it was the defensive side of the football where Jacob Junkins made the most impact. As a defensive end, Junkins had 41 tackles, 23 solo, 10 sacks, two fumble recoveries, and even a touchdown on defense. Even though he has drawn interests from other schools out of state, there is only one school that he likes to call home.

“My top school is Southeastern,” Junkins said. “I love it because it’s close to home.”

Outside of football, Junkins likes hanging out with friends, hunting, and fishing. His goals for the season are to play hard, win, and bring home a state championship.



Dustin Dyson

6-4, 210

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

St. Thomas Aquinas High School senior TE Dustin Dyson (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Dustin Dyson has everything you look for in a tight end, but he is still raw. I would love to see him become a better pass catcher. I think he has not even hit his full potential. Since his freshman year, he has always looked the part, but now, it is time to show he can dominate. It is a credit to him because there is a lot of great potential in him.”

Bio: Dustin Dyson did not get the chance to show off his ability last season because of a torn ACL in the first game of the season. Still, his physical attributes have attracted schools like LSU, Mississippi State, and Southern.

“I would say LSU is my top school because they have a great Animal Science program,” Dyson said. “It would be great to play in state at a SEC school. They were the first to offer me in eighth grade.”

When not playing football, Dyson likes rising his horses Blue Eye and Ginger. According to Dyson, horses are his first love whether it is trail rides or just around home. He is a country boy the likes riding four wheelers. Even one day, hopes to own a horse and cattle ranch. His biggest goal is to stay healthy after overcoming obstacles such as being diagnosed as ADD to getting his finger cut off and getting one repaired to breaking his collarbone and finally, tearing his ACL. Through all this time, Dyson has remained humble and continues to put faith in God through the struggles.


Dravyn Guilbeau

6-4, 215

Centerville High School

Centerville High School senior TE Dravyn Guilbeau (Photo provided by Dravyn Guilbeau)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I love Dravyn Guilbeau’s ability. I actually have him higher rated than his coach. He had him as a D-II guy while I have him as a DI, I-AA guy. Dravyn is super athletic at a small school. If Dravyn was at St. Thomas More or Breaux Bridge or Teurlings Catholic, he would be getting some national looks. He has 4.6/40 football speed and will grow to be 230 pounds in college. If I was a DI coach, I would sign him.”







Connor Venetis

6-4, 240

Southside High School

Southside High School senior TE Connor Venetis (Photo provided by Connor Venetis)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Connor Venetis left St. Thomas More and transferred to Southside High School. It would have been scary if the Cougars had both Luke Howard and Connor this year. Now, Connor is 6-4, 240 pounds. When he left St. Thomas More, he was around 200 pounds. Connor can really play and is DI ready. The only thing he needs to slightly improve on is his blocking, but he is a great athlete. There is a good chance that he may be the first DI signee to come from the new Southside High School.

Bio: Last season, St. Thomas More transfer Connor Venetis had 14 receptions for 282 yards and three touchdowns while averaging over 20 yards a catch. His top schools are Nicholls State, ULL, Tulane, Southeastern, and ULM.

“When picking a school, there are several factors that I am looking at,” Venetis said. “I am looking at the academic programs that each school offers as well as the proximity to home and the type of offense that each school runs will factor into my decision.”

During the offseason, Venetis likes playing baseball for the Southside High School school team as well as fishing with his family. His goals for the season are to make the playoffs while trying to set a personal goal of 40 receptions for 750 yards and ten touchdowns.


Alven Johnson

6-4, 250

Thrive Academy

Thrive Academy senior TE Alven Johnson (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Alven Johnson is probably the only player on this list that I have not seen play, but what I heard from Coach Brian Glover is that he might even go to the offensive line. It may be a similar situation to what Marcus Spears did when he was a tight end at Southern Lab before being moved to defensive end at LSU. Already, he is approaching 260 pounds. He may be 300 pounds in college and still run a 4.8/40. Alven is a poster boy for a diamond in the rough at a school that nobody has heard about.”

Bio: In junior varsity last season, Alven Johnson dominated the competition with 42 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, 11 sacks, and even one safety. Even though Johnson has yet to play varsity football, that did not stop Baylor from offering the standout Thrive Academy recruit. Johnson liked Baylor so much that he has already committed to play for the Bears.

“What made me choose Baylor was once I saw their business school and heard about their program, I was on board because one day, I would like to own a business,” Johnson said. “They also took a chance on me when nobody else did. I honestly didn’t expect them to spot me when there is over 1,000 football players in Louisiana, but they did. I can honestly say that at first, I thought being away from home was going to be a little too much for me, but when I finally got a chance to step foot on campus, I know it was the right school for me.”

When not playing football, Johnson can be seen going out to catch the latest movie in theaters or sitting at home and watching his favorite anime series Dragon Ball Super. Also, he likes going to the gym and working out, especially when he knows that he ate a lot of food the day before. His goals this season are to obliterate last season’s state and become the most talked about player in the state of Louisiana.



Jerren Gilbert

6-3, 265

Sam Houston High School

Sam Houston High School senior OT Jerren Gilbert (Photo provided by Jerren Gilbert)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jerren Gilbert did not give up a sack last season. Jerren is probably going to end up moving to guard, but plays tackle for his team. I think he could make a great pulling guard at 6-3, 265 pounds. He needs to put on a little bit more weight at around 280 pounds for college if he wants to go DI. As far as the I-AA level is concerned, he is as good where he is for right now. It will be interesting if he does sign DI or I-AA in the end.”

Bio: After not giving up a sack in 2018, Jerren Gilbert drew the attention of plenty of local colleges including Louisiana Tech where he is committed to play.

“I am committed to Louisiana Tech because it feels like a second home,” Gilbert said. “I also like the winning culture,  and they have an amazing education.”

During the offseason, Gilbert likes working out, traveling to see family, and relaxing. An interesting fast about Gilbert is that he is a young senior just turning 17 years old.  His goals for this season are to win a state championship while also being named 1st Team All District again, 1st Team All State, and All-American.


Jakobi Anderson

6-5, 330

East St. John High School

East St. John High School senior OT Jakobi Anderson (Photo provided by Jakobi Anderson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “At times, Jakobi Anderson looks like a NFL 1st Round Draft pick and at other times, he is just a big guy. I would love to see him dominate and get a little more flexible. Jakobi started as a freshman and it’s hard to start as a true freshman no matter where you go especially at a Class 5A school. I watched him play, and I think his upside is higher than any other offensive lineman in the state. He is gifted and has the ability to dominate, but needs to show it more consistently.”








Joseph Alexander

6-3, 292

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge) senior OG Joseph Alexander (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “The thing with Joseph Alexander is that if it was not for his teammate Connor Finucane playing near him, he would be talked about as the best offensive lineman to go through Catholic High School in a long time. Instead, it is all about Connor. The good thing is that Catholic High will need both of these guys in order to win a state championship. Joseph is a true offensive guard that can even move to center. He is a DI player that will go to a DI school in the end like other Catholic High greats in Cameron Tom (Southern Miss/New Orleans Saints), Zach Tom (Wake Forest), and Chris Williams (Vanderbilt/Chicago Bears/St. Louis Rams). The school has a tradition of producing sleeper guys that go on to good careers. It would not shock me if Tulane, ULM, or ULL take him in the end.”






Angelo Boudreaux

6-4, 320

Northside High School

Northside High School senior OG Angelo Boudreaux (Photo provided by Angelo Boudreaux)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Northside High School has produced some great players such as Keiland Williams (LSU/Washington Redskins/Detroit Lions), and Tyson Andrus (Ole Miss/LSU) to name a few. Angelo Boudreaux has what it takes to become the next great player to come through the program, but I just need to see him dominate.”

Bio: As of right now, Angelo Boudreaux has one school heavily looking at him and that is Lamar University.

“I am not leaning towards any school right now,” Boudreaux said. “I’m looking for a safe environment, a great education, and a great football program.”

During the offseason, Boudreaux likes working out with the team and going on camps. His goals this season are to help his team make it to the playoffs and win the state championship.



Robert Pizzolato

6-3, 305

John Curtis High School

John Curtis High School senior OG Robert Pizzolato (Photo provided by Robert Pizzolato)

Lee’s Scouting Report: John Curtis is not really known for producing linemen, and the ones they produced did not really pan out except for Luke Charpentier (Arkansas), but Robert Pizzolato is a guy that can go DI and be a good player. Robert is not just a guy in their system, but he is a physical player. He’s got the size, can pull, and is mean. Most of all, he has got the mindset to be a great offensive lineman.”

Bio: As of right now, John Curtis High School’s top offensive lineman Robert Pizzolato has two offers from Southeastern and Lamar.

“I am very interested in Southeastern,” Pizzolato said. “The coaches have been awesome and I feel very comfortable when I visited the campus.”

When not playing football, Pizzolato can be seen lifting weights with his dad. An interesting fact about Pizzolato is that he has been studying Tae Kwan Do for almost 12 years and has a third degree black belt. His goals for the season are to win another Division I state championship and be named 1st Team All-State.

“I plan to see improvements in my strength, speed, and agility during the 2019 season because I have trained intensely during the offseason,” Pizzolato said. “I know this is my last year of high school football, and I want it to be memorable for the team, coaches, and my family. I have been training hard to improve my skills because I want the college scouts to be able to see my work to my full potential on the field.


Wesley Willis

6-3, 313

Rosepine High School

Rosepine High School senior OG Wesley Willis (Photo provided by Wesley Willis)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Wesley Willis is the most hidden offensive lineman in the state playing for a 2A team in Rosepine. Wesley checks all the boxes. Watch Rosepine play and watch this guy go at it. This guys is strong, mean, and quick. I have not seen a prospect like him come through Rosepine. I believe he is a guard at the college level and I would be shocked if he does not get DI offers. If he does not get DI offers, I would be super shocked if McNeese State does not get him.”







Donald Paul

6-2, 280

Comeaux High School

Comeaux High School senior OG Donald Paul (Photo provided by Donald Paul)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Comeaux High School had a player come through two years that is currently starting at ULL in Shane Vallot. Donald Paul is very similar to Vallot. Donald has great feet, but the biggest thing about him is that he could also play on the defensive line. He will also be 300 pounds in college. I think he is a must get for ULL especially since he is in their own backyard. It’s worth to get a guy that is 6-2, 280 pounds and runs a 4.9/40.”







Jace Benoit

6-4, 330

Church Point High School

Church Point High School senior OG Jace Benoit (Photo provided by Jace Benoit)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jace Benoit is massive and strong. I think he is a hidden gem. If I was ULL or McNeese State, I would take a hard look at him. If he goes DI, I think he can eventually be a NFL guy. If he slips to I-AA, I think he will be a steal. He is strong for the collegiate level already and is a guy that uses his hands and his power. He is a major reason why Church Point has success running the football.”









Jerard Wilridge

6-2, 275

LaGrange High School

LaGrange High School senior OG Jerard Wilridge (Photo provided by Jerard Wilridge)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jerard Wilridge is a late bloomer that looks the part. He is not tall, but he is strong. With a good senior year, he can be a bonafide DI or I-AA player. Prior to last season, he has not played much football so he can only get better.”

Bio: Despite a winless season, Jerard Wilridge still averaged five panckake blocks and two tackles a game for the LaGrange Gators. Right now, Wilridge is getting looked at ULL, McNeese State, and a few other D-II schools. 

During the offseason, Wilridge is very active in his church while also playing baseball and throwing the shotput for track. He also does community service like cleanups as well as sing in his school choir. His goals for this season are help his team win some games as well as go All-District, All-State, and maybe even set the single season sack record for his school.





Wyatt Shuff

6-4, 285

Iota High School

Iota High School senior OG Wyatt Shuff (Photo provided by Wyatt Shuff)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Wyatt Shuff made the list because he is one of the main reasons why the Bulldogs ran for close to 3,000 yards last season. Wyatt is one of the bellcows they run behind. He is a tough kid and definitely a I-AA player.”










Grant Cheramie

6-2, 270

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic High School senior center Grant Cheramie (Photo provided by Grant Cheramie)

Lee’s Scouting Report:Grant Cheramie is a physical kid. He does not play too far from Jhy Orgeron (South Lafourche), who is another talented lineman in the area. If Grant had Jhy’s height, then, he would be a DI guy. However, I think Nicholls State will take notice because of his quick feet. I think he would be a great player for them.”

Bio: Nicholls State has actually been very high on Grant Cheramie’s list.

“I’ve really only thought about Nicholls State because I have a friend that’s on the team,” Cheramie said. “I would most likely try to walk on at Nicholls if they don’t contact me during my senior year.”

During the offseason, Cheramie likes powerlifting as well as participating in track and field events. In fact, he was the state runner up for his weight class in powerlifting his junior year. His goals for this season are to have as many pancake blocks as possible and help bring a championship to the school.



Javin Turner

6-2, 285

Patterson High School

Patterson High School senior OC Javin Turner (Photo provided by Javin Turner)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Javin Turner is a stud. This Patterson team has some good players, but they just don’t have a lot of them. I think he is one of the meanest linemen in the state. Javin also plays both ways as he plays defensive tackle for the team. He can play and is another guy that possesses DI strength. If I work at a college, I would definitely look at Patterson High School as a place to get late recruits.”

Bio: Last season, Javin Turner played on both sides of the ball. On offense, Turner had over 15 pancake blocks and on defense, he had over 40 tackles and four sacks. As far as accomplishments on the gridiron, Turner has been a two time 2nd team All-District offensive lineman selection as well as a 2nd team All-District defensive lineman selection to already go along with being named three time player of the week. As of now, his top schools are Southeastern and Nicholls State.

“As of right now, I’m leaning towards Southeastern because I feel like I’m loved there, and and it feels like a place away from home,” Turner said.

When not playing football, he enjoys being with his family, traveling, and swimming. An interesting fact about Turner is that used to be a very good point guard on the basketball team despite his size. His goals this season are to win a state championship and bring Patterson’s winning tradition back. Individually, he wants to be named 1st team all-state on both sides of the ball as well as District MVP. Mainly, he just wants to win and help the rest of his teammates get recruited.


Noah Devlin

6-2, 270

De La Salle High School

De La Salle High School senior OC Noah Devlin (Photo provided by Noah Devlin)

Lee’s Scouting Report:Noah Devlin is a tough kid. He is strong, quick, and a product of Head Coach Ryan Manale, who is an offensive line guru back to his coaching days at Archbishop Rummel. I don’t know if he will go DI, but Noah is definitely a DI player whether it be at center or at guard. De La Salle has had a lot of their kids go to Nicholls State so if he goes there, he would be an absolute gem for them.”

Bio: Noah Devlin is not committed to Nicholls State, but he has committed to another local Southland Conference school in Southeastern to play football. When not playing football, Devlin can be seen with a bat and gloves playing baseball. His biggest goal this season is to lead the Cavaliers back to the state championship game where he actually started in his sophomore season.


Tyler McCrea

6-1, 285

Elton High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Tyler McCrea plays both offensive and defensive line for Elton as all the linemen play both ways. It is hard to evaluate two way linemen because often times, they do get tired. If he gets the opportunity to rest on one side of the football, then, you truly get to see how quick his feet are and how strong he really is. I think he is a no brainer I-AA player.”


Hunter Brown

6-2, 270

Barbe High School

Barbe High School senior OC Hunter Brown (Photo provided by Hunter Brown)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Hunter Brown is probably the top senior prospect on their team. Every now and then, Barbe produces a really good offensive line. This year is one of those years. Hunter is a three year starter that is quick off the football. He could play either center or guard in the Southland Conference. For McNeese State, he is a no brainer.”

Bio: In 2018, Hunter Brown had a great junior season receiving 1st team All-District, All-Southwest Louisiana, and All-State Honorable Mention honors. As of now, Brown is already committed to the United States Air Force Academy. During the offseason, he likes playing baseball and also competing in the shot put in track. His goal for this upcoming season is to win a state championship and make 1st team All-State.


Jalen Gross

6-1, 285

Baker High School

Baker High School senior OC Jalen Gross (Photo provided by Jalen Gross)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I love Jalen Gross and think that he is DI all the way. He checks a lot of the boxes as he is tough, a strong blocker, and has great feet.” 

Bio: Last season, Jalen Gross made plays on both sides of the football for the Baker Buffaloes making 1st Team All-District on the defensive line and 2nd Team All-District on the offensive line. On defense, he had 30 tackles, six sacks, and nine tackles for loss. His top schools are LSU, Alabama, Southern, and TCU.

“I love LSU because I love the energy and the heart that the team brings,” Gross said.

During the offseason, Gross can either be seen at a camp or working out. His main goal for this season is to compete for a state championship.






Jake Doucet

6-1, 175

Beau Chene High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jake Doucet is a late bloomer as a kicker because of his cannon leg. He will keep the Gators in a lot of games this season.”


Zack LaFargue

5-10, 170

Kinder High School

Kinder High School senior K Zack LaFargue (Photo provided by Zack LaFargue)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Zack LaFargue is one of the most reliable kickers in the state. It also seems like he gets even better in high pressure situations. Not only is he accurate on his field goals, but he is also the team’s punter as well.”

Bio: Last season, Zack LaFargue led an impressive Kinder High School special teams unit going 4/4 in field goal attempts, 45/46 in extra point attempts, and also averaging over 40 yards per punt. As of right now, LaFargue has received no collegiate offers, but he has been in contact with McNeese State and Northwestern State.

“The top school I’m looking to go to is McNeese State University because it’s close to home and it’s always been a great atmosphere over there,” LaFargue said.

During the offseason, LaFargue likes hunting, fishing, and working. An interesting fact about LaFargue is that he also throws the javelin. His goals for this season are to be the best he can be for the team and help them in any way.



Patrick Vanderbrook

6-0, 175

Archbishop Rummel High School

Archbishop Rummel High School senior K/P Patrick Vanderbrook (Photo provided by Patrick Vanderbrook)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Patrick Vanderbook showed a lot last season as both the team’s starting kicker and punter. He has a cannon leg and is also one of the most accurate kickers in the state. It should be interesting to see what he does this season.”

Bio: After going 34/35 in extra point attempts along with a perfect 9/9 in field goal attempts, Patrick Vanderbrook is looking for an opportunity to play at the next level. Even though he has received no offers, Vanderbrook has received interests from ULL, Nicholls State, Louisiana Tech, and LSU. During the offseason, Vanderbook keeps himself pretty busy playing soccer, throwing the javelin for track and field, and playing beach volleyball. He is also the vice president of both the executive board and the LSA. His goals for the season are to be perfect in extra point attempts as well as improve on his punting average.






Emory Duggar

6-1, 230

Catholic High School (Baton Rouge)

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Emory Duggar is a sleeper long snapper that I think can long snap at either the DI or I-AA level. Catholic High School Coach Gabe Fertitta has been pretty high on him, and it shows.”




Angelo Anderson

6-2, 245

John Curtis High School

John Curtis High School senior DE Angelo Anderson (Photo provided by Angelo Anderson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “In a normal year for defensive linemen, Angelo Anderson is a first team guy. This is not a normal year for defensive linemen. Angelo is really a first team guy that we did not have room for. I watched Angelo as a sophomore and he is really starting to fill out. He has always been strong, athletic, and quick, but now he is getting bigger. He also adds in a little extra spin move to rush the passer. Not only Angelo is DI good, but he is SEC good. Tulane hit the lottery with getting him. Angelo will come in as a freshman and play a lot.”








Terrance Gooden

6-3, 260

KIPP Renaissance

KIPP Renaissance High School senior DE Terrance Gooden (Photo provided by Terrance Gooden)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Terrance Gooden is another guy who could have made our 1st Team. He is a phenomenal athlete that is a big fish in a small pond. I watched him in a full game, and he has it all. He is strong, has great feet, can run, and is only getting bigger. I don’t know where he will end up. He could stay at 260 pounds and play defensive end or get to 300 pounds and play defensive tackle. If he is up to 300 pounds, he will still probably play all of the defensive line techniques. If he was at a bigger school like Edna Karr, John Curtis, Rummel, St. Augustine, Brother Martin, etc., he would be an All-American.”







DeAndre Keller

6-2, 270

St. James High School

St. James High School senior DE DeAndre Keller (Photo provided by DeAndre Keller)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Once again, DeAndre Keller is another stud defensive end that in a normal year would be a 1st Team selection. He started his career at St. Charles Catholic before ending up at St. James. His first step and his quickness is incredible. It is like he is only 220 pounds, yet he is 270. I think he will do well at either tackle or end in college because he has great feet.”

Bio: As of right now, DeAndre Keller’s top schools are ULL, Nicholls State, and Texas Southern.

“What I am looking from a school is to give me the best education that fits me best as a student athlete, a defense that I can fit into, and a great school environment,” Keller said.

During the offseason, Keller likes to put some work in, but at the same time, likes to go places with his family, and chilling with his family and friends. His goals for the season are to win the district and the state championship.






Royal Jackson

6-4, 250

Franklin High School

Franklin High School senior DE Royal Jackson (Photo provided by Royal Jackson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Royal Jackson is an intriguing player. Royal started as a freshman at 6-4, 190 pounds then and could really fly. He still can move at 250 pounds now. This kid may be 270 pounds in college and become a defensive end in college. I don’t know who will pick him up, but he is talented.”

Bio: Royal Jackson’s top schools are Northwestern State and ULL. Jackson is trying to accomplish something that most of his family members have never accomplished.

“I plan to attend a four year university because most of my family members either drop out or never made it pass the ninth grade,” Jackson said. “I am looking for a school to major in industrial technology.”

During the offseason, Jackson likes riding four wheelers. His goals this season are to stay conditioned through the whole season




Kendrick Joseph

6-2, 253

Glen Oaks High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Glen Oaks is one of those schools over the last ten years that the colleges don’t go watch the games unless they offer a guy. If colleges are reading this, go check out Kendrick Joseph play. Kendrick is as good as anybody else in the state. At close to 260 pounds, he can run a 4.7/40. He also plays both offensive line and defensive line for the team. Even though they do not have the depth they used to have, they still have some talented players.”


Brandon Williams

6-4, 220

Isidore Newman High School

Isidore Newman High School senior DE Brandon Williams (Photo provided by Brandon Williams)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Brandon Williams looks the part and has got the ability. Brandon just has to fill out on his frame. Now, coaches want them fill out already. I really do think that he will be 250 pounds running a 4.5/40. He is that type of recruit that Dan Mullen helped build Mississippi State off of. Coach Mullen would take these guys that are not filled out and develop them.”

Bio: After coming off a torn ACL injury, Brandon Williams has set high goals for himself to try and get 20 sacks this season. William’s frame, speed, and athleticism has attracted many DI schools including Virginia in which he has committed to play.

Virginia is my top school because their culture in the locker room and really anywhere else on campus is unmatched,” Williams said. “The opportunities for me on and off the field at that school are boundless.”

When not playing football, the Virginia commit likes playing pickup basketball and Madden. An interesting fact about him is that he originally grew up in the country of Brunei Darrussalem, which is located in Asia.


Larry Stewart

6-2, 245

Hammond High School

Hammond High School senior DE Larry Stewart (Photo provided by Larry Stewart)

Lee’s Scouting Report:Larry Stewart is a stud has been a four year starter for the team. I don’t know where you play him because he plays both on the offensive and defensive line so he gets tired often. I would say he could play either or, but I really like him on the defensive line because he has the quickness, and work ethic to play on the defensive line. We would see what happens, but he is a guy that could either play at the DI or the I-AA level.”

Bio: As of now, Larry Stewart’s top schools are McNeese State and Tulane.

“I’m not really leaning towards a school to go to currently, but I look for how good is the sports medicine program, the diversity in culture, and how good the athletic department is,” Stewart said.

When not playing football, Stewart can be seen working out or helping out his church and community. An interesting fact about the All-District two way player is that he sings in his church choir. His goals for this season are to lead the team in sacks, get All-State, and be a model leader for his team.




Kershawn Fisher

6-3, 215

Northshore High School

Northshore High School senior DE Kershawn Fisher (Photo provided by Kershawn Fisher)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Kershawn Fisher is arguably the most polished pass rusher in the St. Tammany area. Kershawn looks the part getting off the bus and was born to play defensive end or buck outside linebacker. He is going to be 250 pounds in college and already runs a 4.59/40. Right now, he is going to have to help carry Northshore because the team doesn’t have a lot of big offensive linemen. He is definitely DI and a reason why LSU has not offered him is because they have their choice of over 30 great defensive linemen to choose from in this state.”

Bio: Last season, Kershawn Fisher showed off his pass rushing skills for the Northshore Panthers with 78 tackles, 15 sacks, and an impressive four blocked field goals. As of right now, Fisher does not have a top school, but he admits that Louisiana Tech has been the school that has been recruiting him the hardest. During the offseason, Fisher likes working out, watching pro linebackers on YouTube, and perfecting his craft. Fisher has big expectations this season as he wants to get 30 sacks, 110 tackles, and ten blocked field goals.





Marquis Martin

6-2, 245

John Curtis High School

John Curtis High School senior DE Marquis Martin (Photo provided by Marquis Martin)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I was one of few people to see Marquis Martin at Jesuit High School as a sophomore. Marquis is one of those kids that impresses you coming off the bus. He had to sit out his junior season after transferring to John Curtis. Now, he is up to 245 pounds and still runs a 4.7/40. Marquis along with Angelo Anderson makes up one heck of a defensive end duo. He is a phenomenal player.”









Brendon Groves

6-2, 275

Belle Chase High School

Belle Chasse High School senior DE Brendon Groves (Photo provided by Brendon Groves)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I love Brendon Groves’ ability. Brendon is a four year starter that has quick feet like he is only 210 pounds, but he is over 270. He is really a big athlete playing on the defensive line. I think he is athletic enough to play defensive end in college. Out of necessity, the team needs him to play defensive tackle. Somebody will be getting themselves a stud.”








Da’Jon Jones

6-4, 230

East Ascension High School

East Ascension High School senior DE Da’Jon Jones (Photo provided by Da’Jon Jones)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Da’Jon Jones is a man among boys. I saw him play against Lutcher High School. Just watching him move, he is LSU good, but he just has to put it all together. Da’Jon shows you glimpses of what he could be, but if he can consistently dominate, then, everybody will be after him. Those guys at East Ascension are grown men and he is one of them.”

Bio: Last season, Da’Jon Jones showed his potential with ten sacks and an interception for a touchdown on defense. As of right now, Jones has received one football scholarship and that is from Grambling. When not playing football, Jones likes hanging out with his friends and eating out. His goals for this season are to get at least four to five sacks a game and win a state championship.







Darius Williams

6-2, 230

Scotlandville High School

Scotlandville High School senior DE Darius Williams (Photo provided by Darius Williams)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Darius Williams is another physical specimen. I would like to see Darius put it all together and dominate more consistently. Physically, he has no weaknesses. If Darius has a great senior year, then, he has a chance to get a lot more national attention.”









Chase Geason

6-4, 220

St. James High School

St. James High School senior DE Chase Geason (Photo provided by Chase Geason)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “There is not a more impressive looking defensive end in the state than Chase Geason. You can tell that he is only starting to learn the game. He looks and moves like a basketball player, but just needs to fill out. Right now, he is 6-4, 220 pounds, and they like them around 260 pounds. However, somebody is going to take him late. He reminds me of Jaylon Ferguson (West Feliciana/Louisiana Tech).”










Terry Delaney

6-3, 295

Tara High School

Tara High School senior DT Terry Delaney (Photo provided by Terry Delaney)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I think Terry Delaney is DI. Tara is another school that does not get looked at that often, but I think it does not matter where you play. It matters if you can play and Terry can do just that. You put Terry in any high school, and he is still DI. If you are LSU, you got to be scratching your head trying to figure out which of these defensive linemen to get.”

Bio: As of right now, Terry Delaney does not have a top school yet, but what he does know is what he is looking for when choosing a college.

“I don’t have a top school yet, but I’m looking for a school where I would be a perfect fit and be able to get playing time,” Delaney said.

During the offseason, he likes to play basketball and baseball. He also likes to go mud riding. His goals for this season are to make 1st Team All-District and 1st Team All-State as well as to lead his team to the Super Dome.






Mason Narcisse

6-3, 287

St. Charles Catholic High School

St. Charles Catholic High School senior DT Mason Narcisse (Photo provided by Mason Narcisse)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Mason Narcisse has all the physical tools, but just needs to dominate more. I am sure Coach Frank Monica would agree. Mason is a great kid and is massive with no fat. If he takes over games, then Coach Monica will be really happy because that would make St. Charles Catholic even more dangerous.”

Bio: Last season, Mason Narcisse had 58 tackles and seven sacks. The cousin of former St. James and LSU QB Lowell Narcisse is committed to Tulane.

“It feels like family and it is also close to home,” Narcisse said.

During the offseason, Narcisse likes working out, playing Madden, and NBA 2K. His goals for this season are to win a state championship, win District Defensive MVP again, and to stay injury free.






Trey Henry

6-3, 270

Lake Charles College Prep

Lake Charles College Prep senior DT Trey Henry (Photo provided by Trey Henry)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Trey Henry has DI feet with a nose guard body. Trey can play all of the different techniques on the defensive line, and nobody is really talking about him. I saw him play and he was phenomenal. There was a reason why Lake Charles Prep won 11 games last season. I like him a lot and McNeese State should really like him a lot because he is a DI type player in their own backyard.”








Hezekiah Neason

6-3, 285

Amite High School

Amite High School senior DT Hezekiah Neason (Photo provided by Hezekiah Neason)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “People tend to forget about a school when they lose a great player like Ishmael Sopsher (Amite/Alabama), but do not sleep on Hezekiah Neason. Hezekiah is another DI defensive tackle that got no attention last season because of Ishmael Sopsher. Nelson also played on the offensive line. He is another high effort player with quick feet at 6-3, 285 pounds. When I watch high school football, there are not a lot of guys that can move at 6-3, 285 pounds. He is a no brainer for I-AA schools.”

Bio: Hezekiah Neason has no top schools currently.

“I’m not leaning towards a certain school,”Neason said. “It’s just comes down to whoever will offer me a full scholarship.”

During the offseason, the 1st Team All-District selection likes to train and compete in track and field. His goals for the season are to help his team to be the first Amite High School team to win back to back state championships and to receive an offer from LSU.





Braden Bankston

6-2, 265

East Feliciana High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Again, East Feliciana is flying under the radar with its recruits. In a normal year, Braden Bankston would be the tenth best defensive lineman in the state, but for this year, he is probably the 30th. I think he is definitely a potential collegiate starter in the Southland Conference or in the SWAC. He may even become a pro guy in the end.”


Adonis Friloux

6-2, 275

Hahnville High School

Hahnville High School senior DT Adonis Friloux (Photo provided by Adonis Friloux)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Adonis Friloux is Hahnville’s best senior recruit. Adonis is the heart and soul of their defensive line and is a four year starter. He is tough, strong as an ox, and has DI quickness. I think he just needs to show his dominance. In the past, there were a lot of seniors around him. This year, the team needs a big season from him. I met Adonis three years ago and he looked like a DI player then. He is probably the best defensive lineman to come out of Hahnville in 20 years.”

Bio: Last season, Adonis Friloux made it hard for opposing offensive linemen to block him as he had 105 assisted tackles, 55 solo tackles, three forced fumbles, a pass breakup, 11 sacks, an interception, and a blocked field goal. Currently, Adonis Friloux is committed to the Houston Cougars. During the offseason, Friloux spends his free time working out, training, playing basketball, video games, and just hanging out with friends and family. His goals for the season are to try and lead his team to a state championship as well as have 15 sacks and make All-State.


Tykwan Madise

6-1, 305

Jeanerette High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “There are ten guys on their team that can play either DI or I-AA. Again, watch a team like Jeanerette that is not really known as a powerhouse, but has plenty of talent. Tykwan Madise is one of those guys that is a man among boys. If Tykwan plays for a bigger team, he would be getting DI offers. He is strong, has quick feet, and is a hidden gem.”


Larry Williams

6-6, 265

Pine High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Larry Williams is built like a SEC defensive lineman as he has all of the ability in the world. This is the year for him to show that he not only looks the part, but he belongs to play at the DI level.”



Khari Coleman

6-3, 225

Carver High School

Carver High School senior OLB Khari Coleman (Photo provided by Khari Coleman)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Khari Coleman was the most polished outside linebacker in South Louisiana that I saw play last season. It’s hard to find 6-3, 225 pound guys that can run a 4.55/40. He is also a leader for their football team. Talk about a guy that is already going to build like a Michael Divinity (John Ehret/LSU) when he gets to college his freshman year. He will be 240 pounds running a 4.6/40. I would not even rule him out for LSU if something were to happen with their commitments.”








Taiwan Berryhill

6-2, 210

St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School senior OLB Taiwan Berryhill (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Taiwan Berryhill is one of many phenomenal players on St. Augustine’s team. It is hard to evaluate them on film because everybody can really play. He can close on ball carriers as good as anybody. It’s scary because it seems everybody on that defense looks and plays like him.”











Garrick Arceneaux

6-0, 200

Westgate High School

Westgate High School senior OLB Garrick Arceneaux (Photo provided by Garrick Arceneaux)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “At 6-0, 200 pounds, Garrick Arceneaux can run a 4.45/40 and is maybe the third best player on his team. He is just another DI player on this Westgate team.”










Princeton Malbrue

6-2, 205

Lafayette Christian Academy

Lafayette Christian Academy senior OLB Princeton Malbrue (Photo provided by Princeton Malbrue)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Princeton Malbrue is arguably the biggest sleeper in that area. He plays outside linebacker for the team, but I think he could play middle linebacker in college. His foot speed suits him more in the middle than on the outside. Princeton does more with his knowledge and his instincts than what he does with his speed. He is just a football player that is long and smart. When it is all said and done, he could get to 230 pounds in college. That is a good sized linebacker at 6-2.”

Bio: Last season, Princeton Malbrue helped lead the Knights to their second straight Division IV state championship title with 88 tackles, 16 sacks, 25 tackles for loss, three forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, and an interception for a touchdown. His top schools are Louisiana Tech, Northwestern State, and South Alabama.

“I haven’t decided to lean to any school yet, but I’m looking for a school that treats me like family as well as a person more than a football player,” Malbrue said. “I am also looking for a team that has a winning program and a great coaching staff.”

When not playing football, Malbrue is involved with playing other sports such as basketball, baseball, and track. He also focuses on school so he can keep a high honor roll in the classroom. Finally, he often plays the piano to relax himself. His goals for the season are to win a state championship, go undefeated, and go a whole season without a point scored on the defense. He also wants to lead his team in every single category, break the sack record, and be the best player he can possibly be.


Melvin Matthews

6-2, 205

H.L. Bourgeois High School

H.L. Bourgeois High School senior OLB Melvin Matthews (Photo provided by Melvin Matthews)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Melvin Matthews is the best player in the Houma area that is not ranked. Melvin plays the game like Devin White (North Webster/LSU/Tampa Bay Buccaneers). He is 6-2, 205 pounds and looks like he runs a 4.5/40 on the football field even though he hand times a 4.6/40. He comes at you like a missile. In college, he will be 6-2, 230 pounds running a 4.6/40 as an outside linebacker. He could be a perfect fit for Nicholls State.”

Bio: Melvin Matthews’ top school is ULL.

“I love the energy that the program brings,” Matthews said. “I am also intrigued by their nursing program. I hear that it’s outstanding.”

When the 2nd Team All-District selection is not playing football, he can definitely be seen in the gym. His goals for this season are to get back on the field and dominate his competition.





Joshua Payne Morgan

6-2, 220

Brother Martin High School

Brother Martin High School senior OLB Joshua Payne Morgan (Photo provided by Joshua Payne Morgan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I have not seen a Brother Martin player look like Joshua Payne Morgan since Bruce Jordan Swilling (Georgia Tech). They actually have a similar body frame. At 6-1, 220 pounds, Joshua runs like a cornerback, but is built like a linebacker. He is a Swiss Army knife. I think he is the most intriguing recruit in the state so if I were a college coach, I would sign him as an athlete and would play him where you need him to play the most.”








Cornelius Dyson

6-2, 205

Kentwood High School

Kentwood High School senior OLB Cornelius Dyson (Photo provided by Cornelius Dyson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Cornelius Dyson gained some weight, and now he is at 205 pounds. Last year, Cornelius was 190 pounds. He is now an outside linebacker after playing safety and wide receiver. He is tough and he along with Trey Palmer (LSU) were two of the leaders last season. He will be 230 pounds when it is all said and done, and that is scary to go along with 4.5/40 speed. Tulane is doing a good job in getting him.”

Bio: Cornelius Dyson helped lead the Kentwood Kangaroos to a Class 1A state championship victory with 107 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, three interceptions, and three touchdowns. Earlier this May, the versatile Kentwood defender committed to play for the Tulane Green Wave.

Tulane is at the top of my list right now because their coaches communicate and show love everyday,” Dyson said. “Their defense has been really good, but at my position, they have had five people drafted since 2015.”

His goals for this season are to get 20 touchdowns, six interceptions, have over 100 tackles, and lead the team to another state championship.


Nick Picard

6-2, 210

Lafayette Christian Academy

Lafayette Christian Academy senior OLB Nick Picard (Photo provided by Nick Picard)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Nick Picard only runs a 4.6/40, but he brings it all day long. He’s got good size on him. I don’t know if he will be an outside linebacker or a safety, but he is already at 210 pounds. He is that type of guy that I would sign if I were a I-AA coach and worry about where to play him later. He is more of a linebacker for Lafayette Christian Academy, but he can switch to either strong or free safety easily.”

Bio: Nick Picard was another big time defensive player to help lead a dominate Lafayette Christian Academy football team to their second straight Division IV state championship title by racking up 96 tackles, 14 sacks, 20 tackles for loss, one blocked punt, and even scored two touchdowns. As of right now, Picard has no top schools in mind.

“When I look for a school, I look for what/who will provide the most academic success for me,” Picard said.

During the offseason, Picard usually spends his time getting closer to God and growing as a person. He also spends more time studying as he has more time to do so when not playing football. His goals for the season are to win a third state championship as well as enjoy his last ride playing with his senior teammates on the field.



James McGowan

6-1, 215

Amite High School

Amite High School senior OLB James McGowan (Photo provided by James McGowan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: James McGowan started his career at Bogalusa and then transferred to Amite. He is one of the best players on the field last year even when they had Devonta Lee (LSU), Ishmael Sopsher (Alabama), Amani Gilmore (Kentucky), and others. In my opinion, James was the heart and soul of the team whether he was running the football or playing linebacker. He will be 230 pounds running a 4.6/40 in college. The question is where do you put him in college because he can play multiple positions.”








Josiah James Henry

5-11, 200

DeRidder High School

DeRidder High School senior OLB Josiah James Henry (Photo provided by Josiah James Henry)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Josiah James Henry will knock your head off at 5-11, 200 pounds. He plays everywhere for DeRidder, but he is ready to go. The last player from DeRidder that I was high on is Deshazor Everett (Texas A&M/Washignton Redskins), and he is currently playing in the pros. I believe that Josiah will be the next guy we end up talking about.”

Bio: Last season, Josiah James Henry had 92 tackles, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and two sacks. His top schools are Houston, East Texas Baptist, McNeese State, and ULL.

“For my top school, I am leaning towards Houston,” Henry said. “I love the environment, its distance from home, and the underdog physique of the football program.”

During the offseason, Henry enjoys doing his own personal programming and tech projects. His goals this season are to improve from last year and pick up some new qualities and traits to give him an edge in the game.




Marteece Covington

6-1, 215

Baker High School

Baker High School senior OLB Marteece Covington (Photo courtesy of Griffin Vizion Photography and provided by Marteece Covington)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “Man, I hate to sound like a broken record, but we just have too many great players in this state. Marteece Covington can play either middle or outside linebacker. Just to give you an idea of how good he is, Damone Clark (Southern Lab/LSU), who is a special player, is not to far ahead of Marteece. The only difference is that Damone is an inch taller and has a 4.3 GPA, which is one of the best grades I’ve seen come out of high school along with Eric Reid (Dutchtown/LSU/San Francisco 49ers/Carolina Panthers). Marteece is 6-1, 215 pounds, and he is a player. If I was a DI school including LSU, I would take this kid.”

Bio: In 2018, Marteece Covington led the way for the Baker Buffaloes, which had a breakout season, with 59 tackles, eight sacks, two forced fumbles, and two touchdowns. His top schools are Tulane and Northwestern.

“I am not leaning towards a school right now, but when I am looking for a school, I am trying to see if it is the right school for me and also, if that school has my major,” Covington said.

During the offseason, Covington works on his foot work by running tack and also improving his 40 yard time. His goals for this season are to make All-State and help his team get to the Dome.


Efosa Evbuomwan

6-1, 210

Leesville High School

Leesville High School senior OLB Efosa Evbuomwan (Photo provided by Efosa Evbuomwan)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Efosa Evbuomwan plays defensive end for the team because they lost the majority of their starters from last season on that side of the football. Coach Robert Causey thinks he can run a 4.4/40. I got him down as a legit 4.5/40, but on the field, he is really good. I think he needs to gain a little more weight because if he stays at the size he is now, he will be a safety. If he does gain another 15 pounds, then, he would have to move to outside linebacker. I think Marteece Covington (Baker) has a little more upside, but in the end, I still think that Efosa has DI talent even though he is not as tall or as heavy. If he signs I-AA and I am McNeese State, then, I would be all over him.”



Johmel Jolla

6-0, 205

Dutchtown High School

Dutchtown High School senior OLB Johmel Jolla (Photo provided by Johmel Jolla)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Johmel Jolla is a stud. Johmel is not the traditional looking linebacker, but the defensive scheme that Coach Guy Mistretta uses going back to his state championship at Redemptorist, he takes speed over size. He thinks 11 fast guys attacking at one time wins championships, and it does. Johmel is the most athletic fast guy on Dutchtown’s defense. He is DI, but the question is where do you play him because you can put him at safety, outside linebacker, free safety, and even can switch him to running back if needed. He is super fast and strong for his size.”

Bio: Last season, Johmel Jolla’s stats back up his ability as a hitter and a tackler with over 111 stops. As of right now, Jolla has not narrowed down his top schools list.

“I’m looking for somewhere I can play early, become a better man on and off the field, and somewhere that has a good nursing school,” Jolla said.

When not playing football, Jolla actually spends his free time cutting hair. An amazing fact about Jolla is that he is a 12 year cancer survivor. His goals for the upcoming season is to win a district championship, make All-District, All-State, and win the first state championship in the program’s history.




Bryce Cooper

5-10, 235

Kentwood High School

Kentwood High School senior MLB Bryce Cooper (Photo provided by Bryce Cooper)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If Bryce Cooper was 6-0, LSU would offer him. If Bryce was 6-1, he would be an All-American. In my opinion, he was the Class 1A Defensive MVP. I believe he had close to 200 tackles. He might be one of the strongest, meanest, and best linebackers in the entire state at 5-10, 235 pounds. He reminds me of Mike Singletary (Baylor/Chicago Bears) because he was only 5-10. In fact, Bryce may be the most underappreciated linebacker under 6-0 tall in the entire country.”

Bio: Last season, Bryce Cooper was a tackling machine for the Kentwood Kangaroos with 150 tackles, 85 solo, and 14 tackles for loss. His top schools are McNeese State, Louisiana Tech, Tulane, and Arkansas State.

“Some things that I am looking for when picking a school are tradition, family, and how early I can play,” Cooper said.

When not playing football, Cooper likes spending a lot of time with his family, working out, and playing video games with his friends. His goals for the season are to stay healthy and win another state championship.


John Pearsall

6-2, 225

Hahnville High School

Hahnville High School senior MLB John Pearsall (Photo provided by John Pearsall)

Lee’s Scouting Report: John Pearsall makes this list because of his toughness and his leadership. He has put on some weight and I would love to see what he does with his added weight as he has gained over 25 pounds. If he has a great year, he could get a lot more collegiate attention because he is already a I-AA guy.”

Bio: Last season, John Pearsall stuffed the stat sheet on the defensive side of the football with 153 total tackles, 11 tackles for loss, four sacks, two interceptions, six pass breakups, and eight quarterback hurries. His top schools are LSU, Tennessee, and Navy.

“I am looking for a school that best meets my academic needs and prepares me for a future beyond football as well as a program that will best support me as a student athlete,” Pearsall said.

During the offseason, Pearsall enjoys fishing, outdoor activities, and traveling. An interesting fact about Pearsall is that he is the youngest of seven kids. His goals for this season are to make it back to the state championship, lead his team on and off the field, and to also make 200 tackles.



Tyler Grubbs

6-1, 225

Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross High School senior MLB Tyler Grubbs (Photo provided by Tyler Grubbs)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Tyler Grubbs almost made our 1st Team, but there is just so much talent. Tyler is definitely DI at 6-1, 225 pounds with 4.6/40 speed. He is instinctive, tough, and a great leader for his team. If I am ULL, ULM, Tulane, or Louisiana Tech, I would sign him in a heart beat. He is the guy that can call the shots on defense and will be 240 pounds when it is all said and done.”

Bio: Last season, Tyler Grubbs had 121 total tackles, 85 solo, and six sacks. The two time All-State linebacker is currently committed to Louisiana Tech.







Ronnie Celestine

6-2, 228

Jeanerette High School

Jeanerette High School senior MLB Ronnie Celestine (Photo provided by Ronnie Celestine)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I was so glad that I got the chance to see Jeanerette play last season because I got to see Ronnie Celestine play. He is another stud linebacker at 6-2, 230 pounds. He is definitely I-AA. I could see a Southern, Nicholls State, and McNeese State take him in the end.”








Dylan Smith

5-11, 228

Edna Karr High School

Edna Karr High School senior MLB Dylan Smith (Photo provided by Dylan Smith)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Dylan Smith is similar to Bryce Cooper (Kentwood) at 5-11, 228 pounds, but if I am a I-AA coach, I would definitely take him. He was arguably the MVP of the Class 4A State Championship game. I believe he had four sacks in that game and pressured the quarterback nine times.”







Darius Allen

6-0, 175

Leesville High School

Leesville High School senior CB Darius Allen (Photo provided by Darius Allen)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Darius Allen is a poster boy for lockdown cornerbacks. Not only is he a ballhawk, but he does a great job getting in the backfield. Darius can go anywhere he wants to go, but it is a matter where you play him whether it is at safety or at cornerback. I would just sign him based on his size, effort, and instincts.”

Bio: Last season, Darius Allen had an incredible 35 pass deflections and four interceptions to go along with 40 tackles.










Gavin Holmes

5-11, 160

Archbishop Rummel High School

Archbishop Rummel High School senior CB Gavin Holmes (Photo provided by Gavin Holmes)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Gavin Holmes is a gnat meaning he is annoying to an offense. Gavin gets in your face because he can lock you down. It is insane because he is one of five DI defensive backs that they have. He may be the smallest out of the five, but he is also the most athletic and the true cornerback of the group. The other four are safeties and nickel corners and are known for their hitting ability.  He is a smaller version of Derek Stingley Jr. (Dunham/LSU) because you can put him on the opposing team’s best receiver and he will shut that person down.”

Bio: Gavin Holmes makes up for his lack of size with athleticism, quickness, and great cover skills. Last season, he had five interceptions including an interception returned for a touchdown. All those traits have attracted Colorado, which is where Holmes has decided to commit to before the start of the season.

Colorado is my top school because I love it there,” Holmes said. “The coaching staff shows me amazing love and support. They have the things I look for, which is a great relationship, great academics, and also a chance to play.”

When not playing football, Holmes likes playing basketball. His goals for this season are to win a state championship with his teammates.


Tyran Jones

6-3, 175

Ville Platte High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If Tyran Jones was at a bigger school, he would be DI. Tyran is 6-3, 175 pounds and plays wherever the team needs him whether it is quarterback, wide receiver, or defensive back. The question is who is going to take a chance on a tall skinny kid that can run. If I were a I-AA coach, I definitely would.”


Carline Davis

5-11, 165

L.W. Higgins High School

L.W. Higgins High School senior CB Carline Davis (Photo provided by Carline Davis)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Carline Davis is a great athlete and a four year starter that can fly. I would put him in a track meet against anybody else in the state as he can run a 4.45/40. Ever since he was 14 years old, you can tell that he was different. As a freshman, he was built like a senior. Higgins has a good group of seniors and they may have a chance at a winning season this year. With his speed, he could play slot receiver, cornerback, strong safety, and could even play option quarterback. The Grambling commit is a jack of all trades.”





Jordan McCoy

6-1, 170

Franklin High School

Franklin High School senior CB Jordan McCoy (Photo provided by Jordan McCoy)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Jordan McCoy has been offered by ULL, Tulane, and a couple of other schools. It’s hard to find a 6-1, 170 pound corner that can run a 4.4/40 and shut your top receiver down. That is what Jordan can do. He is skinny kind of like Andraez ”Greedy” Williams (LSU/Cleveland Browns) was coming out of Calvary Baptist Academy. He is going to grow to be 6-1, 190 pounds in college. It will be interesting to see where he goes in the end.”

Bio: Believe it or not, Jordan McCoy has not played since his freshman year mostly because of injuries, but this season, he is ready to show why he made this list. As of right now, McCoy has no top schools just because this his second year really playing, but he does know what to look for in a school.

“It doesn’t matter the school,” McCoy said. “I just want to go play ball on the next level. I’ll make things happen from there.”

During the offseason, McCoy likes to work out as well as get himself better than the day before. His goals for this season are to be better than the day before.




Allen Davis

5-8, 170

Landry Walker High School

Landry Walker High School senior CB Allen Davis (Photo provided by Allen Davis)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Allen Davis is one of the fastest players in the New Orleans area. Allen can really fly at 5-8, 170 pounds. It seems like Landry Walker has 20 guys every year that can run a 4.45/40 or quicker. The question is are you going to take a smaller guy like Allen and I would because of his elite speed. If he slips to I-AA, he could be a star.”

Bio: As of right now, Allen Davis has no top schools, but there is a school that has been actively recruiting him, and that is Southern Miss.

“When I pick a school, I’m looking for a school that I can go to and get a lot of playing time,” Davis said. “I am also looking for a school that can run the defensive scheme that I love playing in, which is man to man. I also look for schools that I can go to and feel that I am home.”

During the offseason, Davis likes working out, training, and preparing to get better. An interesting fact about Davis is that he loves to do a celebration dance called “The Griddy”.





D’Kyri Jackson

5-10, 175

West St. John High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: D’Kyri Jackson is a super player, and his stats back it up. Outside of the quarterback D’Andre Gaudia, he may be the best athlete on a team that has plenty of big time athletes. D’Kyri is a true shutdown cornerback at 5-10, 175 pounds.”


Daran Branch

6-2, 175

Amite High School

Amite High School senior CB Daran Branch (Photo provided by Daran Branch and courtesy of Rivals)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Daran Branch is the most polished cornerback in the state that possesses both height and speed. You always have to look at the length, speed, movement of hips with cornerbacks, and toughness. Daran checks all of those boxes, but just needs to show everybody how dominant he could be.”

Bio: Last season, Daran Branch helped lead the Amite Warriors to a Class 2A state championship with 110 tackles, five passes defended, one force fumble, and one defensive touchdown.






Adrian Brown

6-2, 170

Hamilton Christian Academy

Hamilton Christian Academy senior CB Adrian Brown (Photo provided by Adrian Brown and courtesy of L. Clark Photography)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I saw Hamilton Christian Academy play last season with all 15 of its players. Adrian Brown can play for anybody. He has a good frame at 6-2, 175 pounds and plays full speed on both sides of the football. He is one of those players that you can sign as an athlete and figure out later where to play him.”












Damon McFarland

6-0, 185

St. Augustine High School

St. Augustine High School senior CB Damon McFarland (Photo provided by Damon McFarland)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Damon McFarland is a stud and one of the best hitters in the state. He plays like a Ronnie Lott (USC/San Francisco 49ers/Los Angeles Raiders/New York Jets) or a Rod Woodson (Purdue/Pittsburgh Steelers/San Francisco 49ers/Baltimore Ravens/Oakland Raiders).









Michael Wicker

6-1, 180

Southern Lab

Southern Lab HIgh School senior CB Michael Wicker (Photo provided by Michael Wicker)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “We could have put 25 cornerbacks on the 1st Team, and Michael Wicker could have been one of them. Michael is a SEC talent. I have seen him shut down all of the top players in the city. This is another guy that can go on the team’s opposing top receiver and shut him down. What I like most about him is that he is a 4.4/40 speed guy, but at the same time, he is not afraid to play physical and go right in your face.”











Trey Amos

6-2, 190

Catholic High School (New Iberia)

Catholic High School (New Iberia) senior FS Trey Amos (Photo provided by Trey Amos)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Trey Amos keeps on putting a lot of good weight each year. Trey started off as a defensive back, but he is quickly growing to linebacker size. I know ULL loves him and that is a reason why he has committed to them. The good news is that Trey does not have to do it all because he has got two other players that can also play. The question is if Trey is going to be 200, 210, or even 230 pounds. He could play safety, linebacker, or anything else that you want him to be. He is that good because he has 4.5/40 football speed and carries that weight well. For a guy that is almost 200 pounds, he moves like he is 160 pounds.”









Austin Danos

6-1, 200

South Lafourche High School

South Lafourche High School senior FS Austin Danos (Photo provided by Austin Danos)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Austin Danos makes this list primarily because of his toughness. Austin is also instinctive and can run at 6-1, 200 pounds. You don’t have to have great speed to play free safety, but Austin has deceptive 4.65/40 speed. I think he would be a great pickup by Nicholls State even if it means for him to walk on because he could be one of those guys that can start for them in a year or two.”

Bio: Austin Danos’ top schools are Nicholls State, Southeastern, and Louisiana Tech.

“What I look in for a school are career choices as well as where I can continue playing sports,” Danos said.

In speaking of sports, Danos plays baseball for South Lafourche in the spring and plays travel baseball during the summer. He also enjoy ducking hunting and fishing during the offseason. His goals for the upcoming season are to keep working hard for his teammates and his school in all that he does. He also wants to lead my team to a successful season on and off of the field.

Danos has attended Pro Football Camp at Nicholls State University for the past two summers. In 2018 and 2019, he was awarded the PFC Top Performer- Linebacker 2nd Place. In 2019, he finished second out of 44 linebackers at the camp. 



Mason Bruno

6-1, 180

Northside High School

Northside High School senior FS Mason Bruno (Photo provided by Mason Bruno)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Mason Bruno is a great athlete on a team that has not received a lot of notoriety since the Keiland Williams (LSU/Washington Redskins/Detroit Lions) days. The team hurts for numbers, but they do have some great players. In my opinion, Mason is their most physical player on their team. He has great size at 6-1, 180 pounds and he is not afraid to hit you. He will also plays some wide receiver as well because the team needs him to play there.”

Bio: Mason Bruno’s top schools are TCU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

“I love TCU because I just love the atmosphere,” Bruno said.

When not playing football, Bruno spends his time trying to learn more about his position. His goals for this season are to be All-District and All-State.






Trenton Grow

6-3, 185

West St. John High School

West St. John High School senior FS Trenton Grow (Property of LAFM)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Trenton Grow can either be a wide receiver or a free safety at the next level. He checks all the boxes, but needs to show he can dominate his senior season.”

Bio: After having 18 catches for 549 yards and eight touchdowns as a junior in 2018, Trenton Grow has big goals for the upcoming season as he wants to have 50 receptions for 1,000 yards and ten touchdowns. Right now, Grow has multiple collegiate offers, but has not narrowed down his decision yet.

“I am looking for a school that has architecture,” Grow said.

When not playing football, the athletic West St. John senior can be seen playing basketball or working out.







Joel Williams

6-3, 210

Madison Prep Academy

Madison Prep Academy senior FS Joel Williams (Photo provided by Joel Williams and courtesy of Beau Brune)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Joel Williams wants to be called a cornerback and is the state’s biggest player at that position at 6-3, 210 pounds with 4.48/40 speed. Joel is a physical specimen, and he has only showed flashes of dominance. Those flashes have already attracted big time programs like Florida, Alabama, and LSU. Just imagine what kind of player he would be if he would dominate on a more consistent level. I think he is going to grow to play outside linebacker and be 230 pounds with 4.5/40 speed. He can be a Jacob Phillips (LSU) type of player in the end.”







Taquan Thomas

6-0, 195

John F. Kennedy High School

John F. Kennedy High School senior FS Taquan Thomas (Photo provided by Taquan Thomas)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Taquan Thomas is a super athlete in a school that does not get the attention like a St. Augustine, Edna Karr, or a Warren Easton. He can run and has good height at 6-0. If he fills out a little more, he can either be a safety or a nickel corner.”










Edward Wilson

5-11, 180

Port Allen High School

Port Allen High School senior FS Edward Wilson (Photo provided by Edward Wilson)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Edward Wilson is a diamond in the rough. I watched Port Allen play last year against Episcopal and I thought that Edward was their best player. He plays wherever the team needs to play him. I have seen all of the Port Allen greats come out, and he can be like a Tracy Porter (Port Allen/Indiana/New Orleans Saints/Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders/Washington Redskins/Chicago Bears) as far a somebody that can go under the radar and end up having a good career. He could sign with a small DI school and be in the NFL one day if he just continues to improve.”

Bio: Last season, Edward Wilson accounted for 900 total yards including 260 yards from one game. As of now, the Port Allen star has received four scholarships from Nicholls State, Southeastern, Mississippi College, and Louisiana College. He is also talking to coaches from McNeese State and Northwestern State, which are two schools that also show interest. During the summer, Wilson works out with his teammates not only in practice, but outside of practice as well. He and his teammates have also started to attend church together as well.





Anthony “Hollywood” Woods

5-11, 185

Pickering High School

Pickering High School senior FS Anthony “Hollywood” Woods (Photo provided by Anthony “Hollywood” Woods and courtesy of Rickie Smith photography)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “I watched Pickering play last season and Anthony Woods or “Hollywood” as they call him was their best player on the team. Anthony is active as he makes tackles all over the football field and plays some offense on the team. I think he is a legit I-AA strong safety, and I also believe that he could play at a small DI school. The most impressive quality about him is that he is always around the football.”

Bio: The stats back up the flashiness of Anthony “Hollywood” Woods, especially on the defensive side of the football with 150 tackles, three interceptions, and four forced fumbles last season. As of right now, Woods has no top schools.

“I’m not leaning towards any schools,” Woods said. “I just want to feel comfortable in a family environment.”

When not playing football, Woods can be seen hanging around with his family and helping his dad with his business. An interesting fact about him is that he is obsessed with shoes. His goals for the season are to just go out there with his guys and compete at the highest level.





Elijah Roshell

5-11, 175

DeRidder High School

DeRidder High School senior FS Elijah Roshell (Photo provided by Elijah Roshell)

Lee’s Scouting Report: Elijah Roshell is another under the radar guy. I think he is a legit I-AA guy, but he could be DI with a great senior year. He just needs to show just a little bit more consistency.”

Bio: Elijah Roshell showed that he can do a little bit of everything with 55 tackles, three caused fumbles, three fumble recoveries, two sacks, three tackles for loss, 10 quarterback hurries, four pass breakups, and four blocked kicks. His versatility has drawn the attention of East Texas Baptist University, which has offered him.

East Texas Baptist is the type of environment for me,” Roshell said. “If feels like family over there.”

During the offseason, Roshell likes playing 7 on 7 games as well as participating in workouts. His goals for this upcoming season is to be even better than last season.





Donovan Kaufman

5-10, 195

Archbishop Rummel High School

Archbishop Rummel High School senior FS Donovan Kaufman (Photo provided by Donovan Kaufman)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “If you talk to Coach Nick Monica, he would tell you that Donovan Kaufman is arguably the team’s best player. I think he is the toughest kid on the team. Donovan is not scared of anybody, and he plays in arguably the toughest district in the state featuring teams such as John Curtis, St. Augustine, Brother Martin, Jesuit, Holy Cross, etc. At only 5-10, 195 pounds, he will make a 210 pound running back go backwards when he hits him. He plays like he is 6-4, 250 pounds. Donovan will definitely go DI somewhere because of his instincts and ferociousness.”

Bio: That DI school is most likely Vanderbilt as Donovan Kaufman is committed to play for the Commodores. Last season, the big time Archbishop Rummel hitter had 76 tackles, seven sacks, two interceptions, and accounted for four touchdowns.

“I love the school’s atmosphere and I feel it is somewhere I could prosper,” Kaufman said.

During the offseason, Kaufman can be seen either training or watching Neflix and YouTube. His main goal this season is to lead the Raiders to a Division I state championship victory.




Cartez Joseph

6-0, 190

Westgate High School

(No Picture Available)

Lee’s Scouting Report: “What is the scariest about this Westgate team is that Cartez Joseph runs a 4.45/40 and he may be just the fifth fastest player on the team. His speed could put him at either slot receiver or strong safety. I am curious to see where he is going to sign. Obviously, he is going to drop to somebody, and that team is going to get a great player.”


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