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The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen

The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen Episode 4: Buffalo Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson and Louisiana Colleges National Signing Day Recap Part 1

The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen Episode 4: Buffalo Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson and Louisiana Colleges National Signing Day Recap Part 1

by Jace LeJeune

Hello Louisiana Football Magazine fans! We are starting a new Podcast called The Sports Scouting Report Podcast With Lee Brecheen. The Podcast is an Audio Podcast, which will air Weekly for an Hour. The Podcast will dig deep into not only what occurs in Louisiana, but it also gives off a Regional appeal as well. Not only will we talk about Football, but we will talk about other sports as well including Basketball and Baseball. Just like our Magazine has been helping Parents and Kids for the last 25 years, this Podcast will do the same as Lee Brecheen will give Recruiting Advice to Parents as well as promote the Kids on the Podcast.

Below is our fourth episode ever! We are also happy to announce that our Podcast is now on Apple/iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play! Right now, we are building our audience to other podcast platforms. When another platform is confirmed, we will keep you posted!

For this week’s episode, Host Lee Brecheen and Producer Jace LeJeune catch up with Buffalo Bills long snapper Reid Ferguson as he discusses the Biills’ season, his brother Blake Ferguson, and his thoughts on LSU’s new long snapper Quentin Skinner. We also will recap six of the Louisiana College signing classes so far in the LSU Tigers, Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, Southeastern Lions, Northwestern State Demons, Southern Jaguars, and the UL Ragin’ Cajuns. We will have the rest of the Louisiana signing classes on next week’s episode. Finally, we catch up with superfan Nolan Daigle and also give our thoughts on other college signing classes around the country.

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Jace is from Addis, LA but resides in Port Allen, LA. Jace attends Southeastern Louisiana University and is majoring in Journalism. This is Jace's third year as Associate Editor at Louisiana Football Magazine. He is also a graduate from Catholic High School in Baton Rouge where he was the editor of the school newspaper the “Bearly Published.” While at CHS, Jace also announced their football, basketball, and baseball games for the Bruin Broadcast Network which is the Catholic High’s streaming website for their events. On weekends, Jace is the PA announcer for his middle school football games. At home, Jace enjoys time with his family and friends. Besides being a huge football fan, Jace is also an avid NHRA drag racing fan.