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Alex Rimes

Alex Rimes, Fullback/Linebacker, Oak Forest Academy

by Mark Clements

Alex Rimes
Alex Rimes (black jersey)

October 29, 2010 – Football is as much a mental game as it is physical.

Just from talking to Oak Forest Academy fullback/linebacker Alex Rimes, it’s obvious he has the right mentality and attitude to play collegiate football.

The 5’10”, 220-pound bruiser said while he plays both ways, he prefers the offensive side of the ball.

“I like having the ball in my hands knowing I’m going to get it going for us,” Rimes said. “Give me the ball, and if its third and one, I’m going to get you that one yard.”

Rimes seems to have all the tools physically as well to make it at the next level. The senior benches 320, squats 500 and cleans 315, and ran the forty in 4.67 seconds.

In choosing a school, Rimes said one of his biggest considerations is location.

“I’m looking around here, but really anywhere in the southeast region from Louisiana to Florida,” Rimes said. “I just don’t want to be too far away from home.”

Some of the schools Rimes is considering include Southeastern, Louisiana Tech, ULL, and ULM.

While Rimes did attend a Louisiana Tech camp this summer, he said one school tops his list.

Alex Rimes
Alex Rimes

“The one that I would probably prefer to go to is ULM,” Rimes said. “They use their fullback a lot. They usually have a shorter fullback and more stockier fullback and they run the [I-formation] a lot and they play smash mouth football.”

But for now, Rimes is focused on finishing out this season strongly. He said the biggest game for him so far this year was a week two loss to Jackson Academy.

“Jackson Academy was my favorite game this year because it was just a high, intense, brutal game,” Rimes said. “It was head-banging.”

Just from reading about Rimes, you can’t but be reminded of former LSU running back, Jacob Hester. Rimes said he tries to model his game after the Tiger great, considering their similar playing styles.

“My idol is Jacob Hester,” Rimes said. “He started out as a nose guard as a freshman in high school like I did. He’s very secure with the ball and has no fumbles, and I have one fumble on my career in three years. He runs hard and he’s about my size.”

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